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Friday, August 31, 2001


'Deviations' slow Maplewood completion

Deviations from the approved plans for the Maplewood subdivision brought owner and developer Robert Koning before two town boards this month.

Wetlands remedy accepted

Accompanied by engineer William McNary, Koning appeared before the conservation commission on August 16 and officially notified the body that a portion of wetland on Lot 2, Koning Farm Road was filled by a contractor while he was off the premises. He apologized and assumed responsibility for an inadvertent violation of the Wetland Protection Act.

Unrolling a map of the project that showed the problem area, McNary reported that he had consulted a wetland expert who recommended removing the fill but not the wetland soil, because the latter should re-vegetate during the remainder of this year and pick up again next spring. He explained that the operation will entail use of a machine "with a long reach" that will relay the offending material to a truck for transportation out of the buffer zone. A wetland consultant will be present during the operation to assure that no hydric soils are removed and report back to the commission in the spring. The described remedy was accepted.

Road plan to be amended

Earlier this summer Koning had asked the planning board to certify the subdivision as complete. The board was poised to take this action when abutter Janet Sachs suggested that the roadway was possibly not being built to the plan. Although the board had a letter from their consulting engineer stating that it was, they decided to ask the engineer to take a closer look. At their meeting of August 20, the board reviewed a letter from the board's engineer concluding that the roadway diverted from the plan in the grading of the side slopes in the Maplewood subdivision.

Chairman Abend outlined the possible steps Koning could take regarding correcting the grading of the slopes: filing a request to amend the plan with the discrepancy noted, or correcting the grading to meet the plan..

Planning board administrator Mansfield pointed out that in any event Koning will have to extend the time for the subdivision "since letting it expire as the matter stands would result in the lots no longer having legal standing." Koning decided to submit an extension of the subdivision in order to pursue amending the plan.

Robert Koning is the Carlisle fire chief and building inspector.

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