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Friday, August 31, 2001


Town to swap repairs for Bog House apartment

The Town of Carlisle has issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) soliciting bids for repairs at the Cranberry Bog House at 750 Curve Street, in exchange for use of the building's third floor. The first and second floors are leased to Carlisle Cranberries, Inc. for storage of farm and harvesting equipment. The third floor has recently been used as living quarters.

Potential tenants are warned that they must "be willing to accept the conditions associated with a publicly owned, working cranberry bog, including the occasional all-night operation of a 300+ HP diesel irrigation pump." As a town-owned property under conservation commission management, the 310-acre bog is also open to the public for passive recreation, including hiking and dog-walking on the trails and levees.

The terms of the three-year lease ask the lessee to provide all materials and labor necessary to complete a repair schedule valued at $19,875. The first year's work list calls for removal and reconstruction of the stairway to the third floor and replacement of the loading platform and its steps. During year two, the tenant will repoint the main chimney, replace and reinforce 11 ground-floor windows, installing glass panes on the north and south sides and louvers for ventilation on the east and west. Also, one third of the west side of the building is to be re-shingled. The list for year three specifies installation of aluminum gutters on the north and south side eaves, construction of a small shed roof, replacement of trim on the southeast corner and finally "installation and winterizing as needed."

All proposed plans submitted under the above "Minimum Specifications" of the RFP must include a list of materials to be purchased and their anticipated costs, the hours needed to complete the work and a work schedule. The RFP estimates the total required labor to be over 400 hours.

Preference will be given for certain factors, and points will be assigned to bidders as follows:

1. Verified capability to carry out the specifications (four points).

2. Current employee of the Town of Carlisle (three points).

3. Current resident of the Town of Carlisle (two points).

4. Proposed additional capital improvements valued at more than $2,000 (one point.)

Copies of the RFP may be obtained at the Town Hall. Requests for inspection of the property should be directed to conservation administrator Sylvia Willard and must be arranged before September 4. All documents in response to the RFP must be submitted to the chief procurement officer Madonna McKenzie at the Town Hall by September 12, 2001.

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