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Friday, August 31, 2001

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Recreation commission urges septic reconsideration

To the Editor:

It seems that if an interest group is not present at a meeting about the school septic system (see the August 17 Mosquito), the issue is passed off to a group not present; in this case the recreation commission!

While the engineer and the school committee expressed concerns about the loss of a playing field, the broader group appeared to not respond (based on the article). As chairman of the recreation commission, I am greatly concerned by this lack of response. Both the selectmen and the conservation commission are aware of our growing need to build more fields. As our commission sees a growth in school-age children, increased use of our fields by adults, and the possibility of building a new school, it seems the town leaders are looking into seriously limiting/eliminating the use of one of our fields. As the selectmen are aware, until the opening of the Banta-Davis fields, Carlisle was not contributing our fair share of field space.

As I read the summary about the school septic system issue, it occurred to me that the location for the septic system is not desirable, located near influential town abutters or on conservation land. However, one location that would be considered is on Spalding Field, under a recreation playing field! Because abutters and the conservation commission find it unacceptable to locate a septic system that would not alter the look of the field but the use, the town quickly warranted a look at the far end of Spalding Field as a possibility.

The RecCom recognizes the urgency for a new septic system. One only needs to be at lower Corey at 6 p.m. to smell the signs of a septic problem. If the engineers determine that Spalding is the best site, then the request for implementation should include funds to purchase and replace the existing fields as part of the design plan. Perhaps the abutters and the ConsCom would be willing to alter the use of Fox Hill for recreation purposes. Perhaps not. Just a thought.

I urge the town to look at all the issues regarding this septic issue and not (as the selectmen did) respond to the concerns of a few parties who happened to attend the meeting.

Maureen Tarca
Partridge Lane

Recycle your cell phone

To the Editor:

I recently found this web site. Collective Good International will recycle our old cell phones. They even pay for the cost of mailing the phone to them. I wondered if the Mosquito might find a spot to mention this. Readers will need to go to the web site,

Jane Anderson
Baldwin Road

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