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Friday, August 17, 2001


In two unusually well-attended conservation commission meetings on July 26 and August 2, the commission heard selectmen Vivian Chaput and John Ballantine present and eventually withdraw a request to conduct soil testing on the Fox Hill conservation parcel. In the course of the two evenings the selectmen were clearly influenced by comments from abutters and other residents vehemently opposed to any proposal to place a new school sewage treatment system on the scenic hillside. In the end the commissioners left no doubt that they would consider such a legal 'change in use' only if convinced that the town had no other alternative. ...more

Faced with a litany of unpleasant realities, the Carlisle Board of Selectmen, with the support of the school committee, voted August 7 to conduct new soil tests on three school sites previously believed to be unsuitable for a new sewage treatment facility. The list of negatives started with the undisputable fact that the Carlisle School is currently operating with a failed septic system that is pumped out monthly, a solution that cannot continue indefinitely. ...more

Carlisle resident Lisa Jensen-Fellows has been appointed to the Carlisle Finance Committee filling the vacancy left by Charlie Parker whose term expired in June. Jensen-Fellows brings her professional experience in finance and her perspectives as a young mother and relative newcomer to Carlisle, adding a measure of diversity to the committee, whose membership in recent years has been predominantly male, long-term residents, with a significant number retired. ...more

· Site plan review procedure. Selectmen reviewed "Site Plan Rules and Regulations,"the planning board document drafted to provide a coherent process for approval of "any construction or establishment of use requiring site plan approval under section 7.6 of the Zoning By-Law." The document provides that site plans be distributed among the relevant committees for comment before review by the selectmen. The document was accepted with the recommendation that a one-page flow chart be added. ...more

Tony Mariano Jr. summarized the results of the voluntary town water tests run earlier this year, at the board of health's July 31 meeting. Although the tests yielded no surprises, this was the most comprehensive testing on the entire town. It really is a picture of the water quality taken at one time, and results could change region to region and day to day, Mariano explained. He had expected the occasional iron and manganese readings. The pH readings generally ran towards the acidic owing to the nature of pine and oak trees. Some areas of the town that have limestone and run a basic pH were not tested. Mariano stated that none of these readings constituted a health problem, some just a nuisance for the homeowner. ...more

The Reverend Diane Miller is joining the First Religious Society for the 2001-2002 church year. The Reverend Eugene Widrick is retiring at the end of August. ...more

It appeared that the planning board was closing in on a settlement of the Valhuis/Berry Corner Lane litigation but was thwarted by the absence of one member at its June 25 meeting. Upon coming out of a forty minute executive session, chairman Michael Abend informed Howard Speicher, attorney representing Valchuis, that the board would not act in the absence of member Michael Epstein "whose opinion may sway someone else's in this matter." ...more

Several area communities have recently experienced housebreaks and money scams, which are thought to have been perpetrated by a group of traveling criminals known as "Gypsies." This group has used a variety of methods to gain access into a home. Some of these methods include: asking to come inside to use a bathroom or to check a meter, claiming they are a bank examiner doing an appraisal, talking to the homeowner outside the home while a second individual enters the home from another door, and, in the case of finding no one home, physically breaking into the residence. ...more

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