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Friday, August 17, 2001


If you have seen me out for my morning run on the streets of Carlisle, I guarantee your first thought was not: "Now there goes a triathlete." Granted, I don't look the part of a seasoned athlete. Maybe it has something to do with the panting and wheezing and grimacing as I struggle uphill. Yet here's the surprise: I am a triathlete. And I claim the title by virtue of the fact that I will be participating in my third triathlon on August 26 in Devens. ...more

The Concord Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce that the Stone Scholarship has been awarded to Kristin Khederian of Pheasant Hill Lane. The Stone Scholarship is an award given yearly by the Chamber of Commerce for the past eight years, to a student at Concord-Carlisle High School who has shown outstanding academic achievement, excellent sportsmanship, and a dedication to community service. It was established in 1994 in recognition of Bill Stone and all his contributions as past treasurer and board member of the Chamber for six years. ...more

We're home from Australia and we had a fantastic experience, one we will always remember with deep feelings of pride and gratefulness for our health at the tender ages of 65 plus. Only sprinters talk about their age with joy because a birthday can send you into a whole new age group (5-year increments) that gives you the advantage of being "new woman" on the "block". It was a long way to travel to Australia, but it was all worth it when you realize you were with 6000 athletes from 79 countries all between the ages of 40 and 101. The largest group of competitors was within the ages of 50-65 ... men and women ... 60-40%. The name of the championship is 14th World Veteran's Athletic Championships (WAVA) held every two years in countries all around the world. They last for two weeks and include track and field events. Chuck and I traveled with my coach-friend. Chuck competed in the field events and I raced different distances on the track. It is quite an intense competition but the overwhelming atmosphere is that of friendship and camaraderie amongst people and nations. ...more

Last year, the Needham Invitational Track Meet had a new team competing. For the first time, our local Nitehawks Sports Club entered a team. They competed against some of the finest young track teams throughout New England and New York, and to everyone's surprise, except the Nitehawks themselves, the Hawks finished seventh out of 16 teams. This year, the Nitehawks finished the August 3 Needham Invitational Youth Track Meet in first place with nearly 1,000 points; over 300 more than their nearest rival. ...more

Hot city night, electric and thrilling, ...more

I can't wear a watch right now. The poison ivy on my wrist rubs right at the watch buckle and drives me batty. I think I got poison ivy when I was pulling tall weeds from the perimeter of our garden plot at Foss Farm. The weeds had started to embarrass me because my neighbors' gardens are so neat. The garden on the left side contains salt marsh hay, which smothers anything not wanted, and across the center path is Clovis's well-organized garden, which has been religiously hoed until no sprouting weed dare show its face. And most of the gardens have their borders neatly mowed. Not ours, which is why I was yanking out the tall weeds and immersing myself in poison ivy. Up and down the row of gardens the zucchinis are turning into baseball bats, the sunflowers are competing with the corn and the beans are attracting those squishy, annoying beetles that eat the leaves until the long slender pods are exposed to the elements. ...more

If you weren't lucky enough last week to pass the Spencer Brook Reservation on West Street, where 333 sheep were grazing on the 3.5 acres of conservation land owned by the Carlisle Conservation Foundation, there is still time to catch shepherd Neill Yelverton and his flock on the Towle Conservation Land. Hurry though, for the sheep will be moving on to Concord today and then into Minuteman National Historic Park early next week. ...more

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