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Friday, August 17, 2001


Beware of 'Gypsies,' Carlisle Police warn

Several area communities have recently experienced housebreaks and money scams, which are thought to have been perpetrated by a group of traveling criminals known as "Gypsies." This group has used a variety of methods to gain access into a home. Some of these methods include: asking to come inside to use a bathroom or to check a meter, claiming they are a bank examiner doing an appraisal, talking to the homeowner outside the home while a second individual enters the home from another door, and, in the case of finding no one home, physically breaking into the residence.

"Gypsy" money scams have included: low-cost contracting to pave or sealcoat a driveway, home painting, gutter cleaning, general house cleaning, and magazine sales.

Residents who are contemplating home repairs should only deal with companies and individuals whom they have determined to be legitimate contractors. Remember, all for-profit-solicitors must register at the police department prior to commencing any door-to-door sales. If you are concerned after being approached by a solicitor, call the police station to verify his registration. As a reminder, for those residents who do not wish to be solicited at all, a sign-up form is available at the police station.

Finally, when leaving on vacation, all residents are encouraged to secure their home and, if an alarm system has been installed, activate the system. You can also get on the department's house checklist if your home is going to be vacant for more than a few days. The Carlisle Police Department can be reached at 1-978-369-1155.

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