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Friday, August 17, 2001


Shorts from the Selectmen, August 7

· Site plan review procedure. Selectmen reviewed "Site Plan Rules and Regulations,"the planning board document drafted to provide a coherent process for approval of "any construction or establishment of use requiring site plan approval under section 7.6 of the Zoning By-Law." The document provides that site plans be distributed among the relevant committees for comment before review by the selectmen. The document was accepted with the recommendation that a one-page flow chart be added.

· Investment policy. Treasurer Ann Vandal presented a draft "Town of Carlisle Investment Policy," a first-time attempt to put a policy in place in Carlisle. This document is based on current practice as well as research into the policies of other towns. Vandal identified the goals for town investments as "safety, liquidity, and yield, in that order." The document defines acceptable investments as limited by state statutes. It also provides for improved reporting to the selectmen, including a listing of accounts and securities, a chart of short-term investment portfolio by security type and maturity, and a summary of the income earned on a monthly basis.

· Debt policy. Vandal also plans a "debt policy" document with the goal of locating areas where the town can avoid short-term debt by delaying expenditures and financing with long-term debt. She pointed out that the one year bond for the sander and fire truck at 3.25 percent will cost the town $25,000, an amount that might have been reduced if the purchase were delayed so that long-term financing could be sought.

· Cable license. Paul Gill of the Cable Advisory Committee reported that the proposal by AT&T for renewal of the cable license in Carlisle is disappointing, with no commitment to more channels, picture improvements, or cable modems. A public hearing was held on Tuesday August 14.

· Fall Town Meeting. A fall Town Meeting is planned with the expectation that a proposal for resolving the school's septic issue will be put forward. Dates in November are being investigated.

· Improper disposal. The improper disposal of oil collected at the transfer station has resulted in a charge to Carlisle for cleanup. The company responsible has gone out of business.

· Appointments. The town auditor Tim Craven, CPA, was reappointed. Irene Blake will temporarily take on the role of assistant town clerk. Louise Hara will be the planning board liaison to the historical commission.

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