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Friday, August 17, 2001

If you weren't lucky enough last week to pass the Spencer Brook Reservation on West Street, where 333 sheep were grazing on the 3.5 acres of conservation land owned by the Carlisle Conservation Foundation, there is still time to catch shepherd Neill Yelverton and his flock on the Towle Conservation Land. Hurry though, for the sheep will be moving on to Concord today and then into Minuteman National Historic Park early next week. ...more

In two unusually well-attended conservation commission meetings on July 26 and August 2, the commission heard selectmen Vivian Chaput and John Ballantine present and eventually withdraw a request to conduct soil testing on the Fox Hill conservation parcel. In the course of the two evenings the selectmen were clearly influenced by comments from abutters and other residents vehemently opposed to any proposal to place a new school sewage treatment system on the scenic hillside. In the end the commissioners left no doubt that they would consider such a legal 'change in use' only if convinced that the town had no other alternative. ...more

Faced with a litany of unpleasant realities, the Carlisle Board of Selectmen, with the support of the school committee, voted August 7 to conduct new soil tests on three school sites previously believed to be unsuitable for a new sewage treatment facility. The list of negatives started with the undisputable fact that the Carlisle School is currently operating with a failed septic system that is pumped out monthly, a solution that cannot continue indefinitely. ...more

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