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Friday, July 27, 2001


My mother, Isabel Porter Timney, who taught me all that I know about making pies, was born and raised in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania. In her early life she taught first grade. However, she spent her most memorable year in a one-room schoolhouse. After marrying a country doctor, she settled into the traditional life of a woman of the time...more

33 Station Street, Brookline, Massachusetts..more

Route 82, East Haddam, Connecticut..more

The next time you are at the Gleason Library take a minute to walk up to the third floor. About 75 masks made by Carlisle Public School fourth-graders are currently on display along the stairwell. The show, the second of the Art at the Gleason exhibition, runs from June 2 through August 31...more

Long before our modern kitchens with all their electrical appliances and gadgets, Carlisle homes were outfitted with grinders, graters and other specialized tools for food preparation. Over eighteen of these implements reside in the historical collections of the town and historical society...more

Poison ivy is a major hazard in a rural town like Carlisle. Roadsides, stone walls, fields, and edges of woods are prime locations for this toxic plant. Rubbing against it results in a red, raised, blistered rash within 12-72 hours, lasting 1-4 weeks. About 85 percent of us are susceptible, often not until later in life...more

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