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Friday, July 27, 2001

This summer and fall Carlisle residents will be asked to participate in the U.S. Public Health Service's National Survey on Drug Abuse (NHSDA). This annual survey is the federal government's primary source of national data on the use of alcohol, tobacco, illicit substances, and other topics associated with substance abuse. It furnishes data necessary to make decisions about national mental health and substance abuse treatment and prevention programs. The study began on July 9, and a few initial families in Carlisle have already been asked to participate. It is expected that all selected households will have been contacted and interviewed within the next three months...more

A LABOR OF LOVE. Kay Fairweather, who lives on School Street, has a passion for gardening, the results of which can be seen close to the road. After gardening in the early hours of the morning, she sits down with a cup of coffee, the newspaper and her dogs. (Photo by Lois d'Annunzio)
For the second time in a decade town boards are looking to the 11-acre Fox Hill conservation parcel off Bedford Road to provide a possible solution to a municipal problem. On July 12 the conservation commission received an exploratory visit from selectman Vivian Chaput, who reported that her board and the school building committee have been pursuing both private and town-owned properties as possible alternative locations for a new school septic system, should the state reject the town's preferred site on the Banta-Davis Land. Fox Hill, which offers reasonable access from the school, is one of four parcels under consideration...more

Just as the spotlight of the national media focused on Representative Martin Meehan's efforts in support of the Shays-Meehan campaign finance reform bill in the U.S. House, Speaker of the Massachusetts House Tom Finneran surprised national, state and local political leaders by springing a plan to split the reformer's base of support. The plan would redraw the lines of U.S. Congressional districts redistributing the towns in Meehan's 5th District among five other districts. In announcing the plan, Finneran said he had assumed that Meehan would be a candidate for governor and thus unconcerned with the fate of his district...more

A new grassroots effort to bring broadband Internet service to Carlisle was off to a positive start on July 18 when more than thirty residents crowded into Tim Pierce's living room on Heald Road to exchange ideas. The meeting was scarcely underway when Linda Mahoney, Verizon's public relations representative, made a surprise announcement: "DSL [Digital Subscriber Line] service for Carlisle has been budgeted for 2001" and that the buildout "should be completed by the end of this year or the first quarter of 2002."..more

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