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Friday, July 13, 2001


A Gallery of Old Home Day pictures

Ice Cream Social

The Ice Cream Social kicked off Old Home Day again this year with a record number of over 325 people, making it the best year yet. Music was provided by the Squirrel Hill Olde Tyme Band...more

Everyone was a winner at the Old Home Day pet show. Although Carlisle cats were few and far between (and the few that entered took their entry forms away with them), the dog turnout was spectacular. Proud owners got a chance to show off the beauty and talents of their companions and, except for a rooster who flew the coop and challenged some canines, all went smoothly. Colonel Sanders the goat was a particular favorite with the crowd...more

Spectators along the parade route were delighted by the creativity, spirit, humor and sense of community displayed by all of the participants in this year's OHD Parade...more

Magic was in the air at the Old Home Day art show, as artists of all ages displayed their talents to an appreciative audience in the Carlisle School's Corey dining room...more

The Carlisle Recreation Trust held the finals for its first benefit tennis tournament on Old Home Day. All of the matches were competitive and very entertaining, including the three-set mixed doubles semi-finals between Bob and Betsy Crist and Megan Feldt and Ben Nock, held the evening before Old Home Day. Women's doubles drew the biggest crowd with lots of "oohs" and "aahs" over action at the net and well-placed lobs...more

"How many tons of carbon dioxide were not emitted into the atmosphere attributable to Carlisle's recycling of 1481 tons of material last year?" The answer to the Carlisle Household Waste Committee's "Why We Recycle" contest question at Old Home Day, is 410 tons. (This saving would balance the CO2 pollution of 41 SUVs driving 20,000 miles in one year, at 20 mpg.) The winner, Lenny Johnson, received a bag of environmentally friendly household products donated by Seventh Generation...more

Last year's record of 150 was shattered when 168 runners completed the two races: 52 competed in the five-mile race at 7:30 a.m. (17 female), and 116 in the one-mile race at 8:30 (42 female). It was a fine day for runningsunny with a temperature of about 70 degrees...more

For most of the year real estate and good schools are the major industries in Carlisle. In warmer weather, our other seasonal industry emerges: ice cream. People come from miles around to go to Kimball Farm at Bates Farm and Great Brook Farm ice cream stands...more

Transportation, household operations, and household food consumption have the largest impact on the environment of all of our activities. The higher a food is on the food chain, the more impact its production has on the ecosystem: red meat (beef, pork, and lamb) has a bigger influence than poultry, which in turn has a bigger influence than fruits, vegetables, and grains. Production of meat is inefficient compared to grain, because a cow eats many times its weight in grain over its lifetimesixteen pounds of grain and soybeans are required to produce a pound of beef. Dairy products have much less environmental impact than beef because cows produce many times their weight in milk in a year and only ten percent of the cattle in the US are dairy cows...more

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