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Friday, July 13, 2001

Mosquito Mail

Cable service deplorable

Ed. Note: The following letter was originally sent to the Carlisle Board of Selectmen.

To the Editor:

The quality and reliability of cable TV service provided by AT&T Broadband (nee Cablevision) is deplorable.

During the past month alone we have suffered at least four service outages, for a total of more than three full days without service.

AT&T's advertising belies what it delivers: "24 hours 7 days" in practice means waiting on telephone "hold" for interminable periods listening to inane music and AT&T commercials. This morning, in an attempt to report yet another service outage, we were on hold for a full hour before hanging up in frustration (our service has been out since yesterday evening).

The cover to the green cable box beside our driveway was removed several weeks ago by an AT&T service technician in response to a service outage. He determined that the fault was on the line side, not in our house, and told us that he would call for a line crew to fix the problem. The cable box cover is still sitting on the ground and the box wiring and connections are still exposed to the weather, despite our reporting this to AT&T several times.

We urge you to replace AT&T with a cable company that takes seriously its responsibility to provide reliable service at a reasonable cost, and that is staffed adequately and professionally to respond to customers and problems in a timely manner.Philip Garnick

Aaron Way

CCHS radio reunion

To the Editor:

WIQH Radio station, 88.3 FM, located at CCHS, is planning to organize a reunion for this coming Thanksgiving weekend. We need your help.

We know the students who were DJs back in the 70s, '80s, and '90s are possibly living outside of Concord and Carlisle, and we hope you can let us know where. Was your child involved? Did you know friends who were? Please call the station (1-978-369-2440) or email ( the student's name and current address (preferably email, but street address will work, too) to the station. If you are an alum and want to help us plan the weekend, give us a call. Thanks.

Carlisle Friends of WIQH
Jean Ford Webb,
Paul Macone,
and Barbara Howland

CCHS Class of '75 reunion planned

To the Editor:

I grew up in Carlisle, and my parents still live there. We are having our belated 25th high school reunion this summer. We'll be holding it on Saturday, August 4, from 7 to 12 p.m. at the Elks Club in Concord. The cost is $40 per person. Send checks payable to: Maureen Donnelly Reidy, 21 Windsor Road, East Walpole, MA 02032.

For more information, the web address is Reunion Class of '75 or call me at 1-619-295-1695.

Paul O. Antognoni
San Diego, CA

Thanks to all who made Old Home Day what it was

To the Editor:

I would like to publicly thank all those who worked so hard to make this year's Old Home Day better than ever. To each member of the Old Home Day committee, thank you. Each one of you went off and did your jobs efficientlythe day went perfectly! You were a wonderful committee to work with; it was more fun than work, really.

The parade was referred to as the "best ever" and I think it was. Many thanks to Deb Power and Bill Cooney for taking on this huge job and doing it so well. Thanks to Nancy and Bob Orlando for chairing the Country Fair again, and bringing back Jake's Boss BBQ. BBQ was missed last year. The Orlandos spent many hours searching for someone for this year and struck gold. The variety of booths was great; something for everyone and many young entrepreneurs. A special thank- you to the behind-the-scenes people: Nick Lunig, aka Head Logistical Engineer, Scott Evans, Marshall Evans and Zane Schweer. These guys put in hours of hard work the night before and early morning, setting up tables, running power lines, etc.; David Flannery and Robbie Koning for going above and beyond to fill the dunk tank with the pumper truck. Okay, the water was murky but hey, it did the trick!

Thanks to the fire department for another Chicken BBQ (as usual, a sell-out), the Cantrills and the Clarkes for another Cake Walk (always a Carlisle favorite), the Carlisle Mosquito for all the coverage before the big day, and to everyone who so generously donated money to help fund the day both by sending checks and by contributing to the donation container at Daisy's Market.

The Ice Cream Social was a big hit, thanks to Lisa, Peter and Sophia Duffy, and Welles, Katherine and Cole Hatch, as well as the Girl Scouts and their parents. Lt. John Sullivan was responsible for a hugely successful radar pitch. The dunk tank came back to Old Home Day, thanks to Jane and Bert Williams, Linda and Steven Myers-Tierney and Andrew Mancini. Special thanks go to the good-sport local personalities who agreed to be dunked.

We're grateful to Dan Moseley and his family for a fun softball game, to Dave Reed, Mike Kimball and Tamma Duffy for the corn-husking contest, Steve Pearlman for the frog-jumping contest and Sarah Zezima for the pet show. The art show was once again the place to be, thanks to Kerri Piette, Peggy Wang and Phyllis Hughes. Last but never least, thanks go to Jason and Florence Reed and Danny Chapman for bringing back the old-fashioned games, and to Jeanne Rourk for agreeing to take over the cake-decorating contest.

I appreciate the dedication of all who volunteered their time and creativity, and especially to all of you who came to share this very special Carlisle tradition! Old Home Day 2001 was a great kick off to the summer ahead. Have a safe and relaxing one!

Susan J. Evans
Old Home Day chairperson

Class gift committee thanked

To the Editor:

As a member of the class gift committee for the recent eighth-grade graduation at the Carlisle school, I wanted to pass along my appreciation to Kevin Tarca, the student who so graciously recognized me for my contribution to the Class of 2001's gift of a new tree, bird bath and landscaping in the courtyard at the school, during the ceremonies on June 22.

Most importantly, however, I wanted to be sure that the contributions of the other committee members, particularly the chairperson, Janie Rogoff, were also recognized. Janie not only joined me in selecting the tree and the plantings, and was with me every step of the way in doing all the planting, adding 6,000 pounds of decorative rocks, and laying fresh mulch, but she is the one who discovered the beautiful engraved bird bath that now sits in the courtyard.

We also received significant contributions from Mary Cheever and Cecile DeRouin, who helped transplant the many perennials, and Marjorie Johnson, who coordinated with the school's Paula Ewers and Kevin on the remarks for the ceremony. This was a total team effort, and one of which I think the entire community can be proud.

Robin French
Rodgers Road

Trails committee is appreciative

To the Editor:

The members of the trails committee would like to thank all of the citizens of Carlisle for your continued support and patience as we proceed to repair the Old Morse Road pathway. This is an historic stone bridge that has been significantly damaged so that passage over the area is very difficult and potentially dangerous. It is our wish to restore the bridge to its natural beauty and safe functionality.

The committee, in its desire to get the project underway, missed a very important procedural step in the original repair plan. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. We look forward to working with the town boards and landowners to see this project completed in a timely manner, so that this historic bridge will serve us all for years to come.

Louise Hara
chairman, trails committee

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