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Friday, July 13, 2001

A riderless horse, returning to its stable after 9:30 at night on June 26, triggered a search response that involved Carlisle Police, the Concord Police dog team, the Carlisle Fire Department and the superintendent of the state park. The search effort was coordinated by Sergeant Leo Crowe and resulted in the successful rescue of a 45-year-old Chelmsford woman who broke her leg when she was thrown from the horse...more

PRESENT CHAIRS! Marshall Kathy Booth calls out the moves to her 18-member First Religious Society Precision Lawn Chair Drill Team. "Present chairs, sit, wave right, wave left," shouts Booth, to the delight of townspeople lining the parade route. This group won the grand prize in the Old Home Day parade. (Photo by Rik Pierce)
"It is fitting and proper that we honor, on this day, those who have made the self-governing rule in Carlisle a success." Howard Hensleigh, chair of the Citizen Award Committee, addressed the Old Home Day crowd assembled on the Town Green on July 4, not giving away the name of Carlisle's most honored citizen until the very end of his remarks....more

The Conservationist of the Year award, which has previously gone to an individual honoree, went this year to a group of five landowners who both individually and collectively have contributed to a major town objective...more

AT&T Broadband has submitted a proposal for renewal of their license to provide cable TV service in Carlisle. The company's license comes up for renewal here on October 13. A copy of the complete proposal is now available in the Town Clerk's office for review by interested residents...more

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