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Friday, July 13, 2001


Citizen award honors 'nurturing' of Carlisle's children
Antognoni named Most Honored Citizen

"It is fitting and proper that we honor, on this day, those who have made the self-governing rule in Carlisle a success." Howard Hensleigh, chair of the Citizen Award Committee, addressed the Old Home Day crowd assembled on the Town Green on July 4, not giving away the name of Carlisle's most honored citizen until the very end of his remarks. Hensleigh concluded, accompanied by a drum-roll from the Minutemen, "Our most most honored citizen for the year 2001, the first one in this new century, is Joe Antognoni." During his forty-one years in Carlisle, Antognoni has served on numerous town boards and committees, including the Carlisle School Committee and the finance committee. His signature contributions, however, were those that supported the education, recreation and development of Carlisle's children.
Most Honored Citizen Joe Antognoni.

Hensleigh's speech, which detailed a number of the honoree's major contributions is excerpted below.

"Each year at this time we honor one of our citizens who has contributed to making Carlisle the place we love to call home. The task of choosing such a person is not easy, not because of a paucity of candidates, but because of the large number of people who have served in our self-governing society to make it a success. It is fitting and proper that we honor on this day those who have made the self-governing rule in Carlisle a success.

"Our most honored citizen this year has distinguished himself in nurturing our most cherished commodity -- our children.

"He moved to Carlisle in 1960 with four small children and his wife. He is a good family man, a good father and a good husband. The family is the basis of our society. Shortly after arrival he was called upon to help organize the Little League. He put together the umpires, the equipment, the balls and bats, and the coaches to make a successful program possible. When it was there, the kids came. They learned not only how to hit a home run, but they learned to be good sportsmen, whether they won or lost. He was then called to assist with the Scouts. He was a strong supporter in all areas of scouting. In addition, he handled the finances as treasurer of the Scouts for almost a decade.

"He was elected to the school committee and served as its chairman. Our town was then growing and the school population increasing. He insisted on excellence in teaching standards, with the emphasis on what was accomplished in the classroom. He served on the finance committee and made sure that our fiscal decisions were sound. When we bought the Banta-Davis Land, he made sure that the money was there when the payments were due. To satisfy the requirements of Mrs. Davis's tax attorney, we paid for the land in three equal installments. We did this without issuing bonds or paying interest. The Banta-Davis Land stands as a monument of forward-thinking of the seventies. It now serves for the extension of our playing fields and is available for future school expansion, if needed....

"In the nineties our most-valued citizen recognized the need for affordable housing to go with the mansions we are now constructing in Carlisle.

"As you can see he has assisted in laying the foundation for the society in which we live and enjoy.

"He graduated from the Concord Public School and from Northeastern University with a bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering and a master's degree in Business. He was elected to Tau Beta Phi and Who's Who in American Colleges. Presently, he is an associate vice president of A.G. Edwards in Chelmsford (then came a Minuteman drum-roll). Our most honored citizen for the year 2001, the first one in this new century, is Joe Antognoni."

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