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Friday, July 13, 2001


Pets steal the show on Old Home Day

Everyone was a winner at the Old Home Day pet show. Although Carlisle cats were few and far between (and the few that entered took their entry forms away with them), the dog turnout was spectacular. Proud owners got a chance to show off the beauty and talents of their companions and, except for a rooster who flew the coop and challenged some canines, all went smoothly. Colonel Sanders the goat was a particular favorite with the crowd.

GETTING HER GOAT. Sarah Zezima, OHD pet show organizer, has a few words with Colonel Sanders, a Saanen goat, as her owner Jessica Schmitt (far right) grins. (Photo by Rik Pierce)


Joanna Orlando, 13, Cockapoo

Anna Stringham, 3, Chocolate Lab

Mia Sobin, 6, Cockapoo

David Dawson, 11,Golden Retriever

Matthew and Sean French, 14 and 8, German Shepherd

Isabella Bjork, 7, Rottweiler

Zander Pease, 11, Irish Red and White Setter

Jennie and Sarah Williams, 10 and 7, Black Lab

Henri Wathieu, 9, Black Lab

Maddy Traynor, 11, Glen of Imaal Irish Terrier

Lauren Ursch, 11, Wheaten Terrier

Kate McCandless, 10, Bernese Mountain Dog

Amanda Pease, 8, English Setter

Tora Coursey, 7, German Shepherd

Margot Roberts, 11, Golden Retriever

Anthony and Jennifer Perugini, 7 and 9, Golden Retriever

Nora, Colie, Laura and Noel O'Donnel, Cairn Terrier and Yellow Lab

Rose Carmichael, 7, Miniature Poodle

Jack Golis, 5, Cocker Spaniel


Maya and Leila Smith, 11 and 7, Yellow Lab/Retriever

Cameron Vazehgeo, 9, Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Tommy and Julia Veitch, 8 and 5, West Highland Terrier

Genna Carmichael, 10, Border Collie/Yellow Lab

Elizabeth Parson, adult, Miniature Australian Shepherd

Amy Anastasi, 8, Cockapoo


Becky Peters, 14, Minilop

Isabel Walsh, 9, Lop

Lindsay Ventura, 13, Mini Holland Lop


Donald Wathieu, 11, Rhode Island Red

Clark Bakewell, 11, Rhode Island Reds

Andy Brown, 12, Parakeets

Guinea Pigs

Daniel Golson, 7, Peruvian


Andrea Fine, 11, Peaches


Zoe Sobin, 8


Kaitlyn and Jessica Schmitt, 9 and 6, Saanen.

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