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Friday, July 13, 2001


Old Home Day round-up and results

Ice Cream Social

The Ice Cream Social kicked off Old Home Day again this year with a record number of over 325 people, making it the best year yet. Music was provided by the Squirrel Hill Olde Tyme Band.

Radar Speed Pitch

The Radar Speed Pitch was a hit again this year, thanks to the Carlisle Police Department.

The Dunk Tank

The Dunk Tank was a popular event again this year, overseen by Jane and Bert Williams, Linda and Steven Myers-Tierney, as well as Andrew Mancini. Town officials, as well as other local personalities, were dunked. All were such good sports. Missing for a while, this has definitely become an Old Home Day tradition again.

Corn Husking Contest

Over on the Green, the corn husking contest was very well attended and expertly run by David Reed. Prizes awarded to David Lee: $25, Greg Winter: $15 and Joe Carpenito: $10. Others won ice cream gift certificates donated by Kimball Farm and Great Brook Farm.

Frog-jumping Contest

This contest is a hugely popular event much loved by kids, thanks in great part to the dapperly-dressed Steve Pearlman, Old Home Day's Frog Man. Winners of frog jumping contest were:

1st prize: Sara Keeler

2nd prize: Whitney Cook

3rd prize: Donald and Henri Wathieu

Three-legged and Sack Races

These old-fashioned games were brought back, thanks to Jason Reed. With the help from Danny Chapman and Florence Reed, many children and adults alike enjoyed the games. Prizes awarded were gift certificates to Kimball's Mini-golf and Kimball's bumper boats.

Cake Decorating Contest

Adult winners:

1st place: "Ground Hog" Stephanie Smith

2nd place: "Pie" Bob Orlando

3rd place: "Oscar" Karen Dunkers

Children winners:

1st place: "Spaghetti" Katie Hendrickson

"Gumball Machine" Lily and Annna Jewell

"Magic of Space" Kathleen Orlando

"Fairy House" Madeline Traynor

2nd place: Julia Lyons, Elizabeth Orlando, The Drinkwaters, Sarah Mathews

3rd place: Jessie Ellis and Amelia Cox, Jessica Levine and Liz Orlando, Lindsay Ventura, Sarah Fardy and Lindsay Ventura, Teresa Ventura

Many thanks to Jeanne Rourk for graciously agreeing to take over the Cake Decorating contest this year!

Bread Baking Youth Division

Orange Loaf w/ Apricots and Pecans by Elizabeth Cheever

Foccacia w/herbs and parmesan cheese by M. Jensen-Fellows

Bread Baking Adult Division

Sweet Yeast Breads:

1st Double Rise Bread: Bob Wolfson

2nd Yeasted Banana Bread: Carolyn Shohet

3rd Berry Fougasse: Nancy Kronenberg

Savory Yeast Breads:

1st Butter Croissant: Eloise Young

2nd Ballymaloe Brown Bread: John Lee

3rd Braided Cheese Bread: Claude Williamson

Sweet Quick Breads:

1st Country Tea Bread: Bob Wolfson

2nd Angel Biscuits: Claude Williamson

Pie baking

Fruit and Berry:

1st place: Mandy Finizio, Mom's Magic Apple Pie

2nd place: Annette Lee, Rhubarb-Strawberry Tart

3rd place: Anne Marks, Hot Blueberry Pie

Junior: (under 15 years old)

1st place: Elizabeth Cheever, Chocolate Pecan Pie

2nd place: Myfanwy Jensen-Fellows, Fourth of July Apple Pie

3rd place: Sophie Richardson, Lemon Raspberry Tart.

(There were no entries in the Chiffon, Cream Cheesecake Divisonthus no


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