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Friday, June 29, 2001


Carlisle School, teachers receive $39,000 from CEF

Over the past month, the Carlisle Education Foundation (CEF), sponsors of the Pig' n Pepper Festival, the 'Squito Town Hoe Down, and other fund-raising events, has announced several grants and awards to the Carlisle Public Schools and the public school teachers. The grants, totalling $34,000, will allow the school to enhance technology, make improvements on the playground, and provide a sound system for graduation. In addition, $5,000 has been awarded to recognize teacher service and teaching excellence.

$25,000 for technology

The CEF announced two weeks ago that it is matching the $25,000 approved by Carlisle voters at town meeting for computers for the Carlisle Public School with an additional $25,000. The combined $50,000 will begin to close the technology gap at the school which is below state guidelines for student access to computers. Currently, Carlisle has one computer for every thirteen students; the state average is one for every 6.3 students.

An additional $6,300, raised through the Teacher Appreciation mailing to parents, will purchase video carts with displays. The CEF also awarded a grant of $1,200 for playground equipment, and another grant of $1,900 for a portable amplification system to be used at graduation and other events.

Teacher excellence rewarded

The CEF provided funds to recognize and reward teacher service. Grants of $1,000 each were given to the health staff, art department, and second-grade teams, for teacher excellence. Says CEF Secretary Lisa Harris, "We wanted to recognize the health staff for their caring and support of students, the art department for the creativity they inspire, and the second grade for their hard work on the very successful Iditarod project." Another $1,500 provided a "thank you" dinner for nine teachers with 25 years of service or more to the Carlisle Schools.

"By any standard, this has been a year of many successes in our schools," said CEF President Jeff Brown. "It is gratifying to be able to provide some much-needed resources to the dedicated team that works year-round with our children. However, there is still room to improve the educational opportunities we give our children, and that is a vital part of the CEF mission. We look forward to being able to do even more in the future."

Pig 'n Pepper in planning

The CEF is currently forming committees for the fall Pig' n Pepper which will take place the weekend of October 6 and 7 at the 4H grounds in Westford. We are looking for people to help us plan the event in the areas of food, kids' activities, barbecue contest, music, publicity, vendors and artisans, volunteers, and others. Interested? Call Lisa Harris at 1-978-371-2494 or e-mail her at Get involved--it's a great way to help Carlisle's children and to meet people.

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