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Friday, June 29, 2001


Busy summer for Carlisle teachers

"It looks like a busy summer," said Carlisle School Committee (CSC) chair Suzanne Whitney Smith. CSC members reviewed the plans for 31 summer projects submitted by Carlisle teachers. Every aspect of the school curriculum will be studied or developed by the public school teachers and staff.

Three teachers, Jane Herrmann, Bill Gale and Liz Gray will work to construct the permanent "Timeline" in the Corey dining room. This "Timeline" will illustrate major events in western civilization and history of the world.

Middle school projects

Teachers Rob Quaden, Liz Perry and Susie Brinner will review the math curriculum in the middle school. Carolyn Platt, Paula Ewers and Steve Bober will coordinate the middle school reading instruction and review the MCAS (Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System) tests. The physical education team will revise the dance units and the foreign language team will develop the foreign language curriculum and plan cultural events.

Middle school science teachers, Jim Trierweiler, Sara Bysshe and Wendy Stack will review and evaluate the middle school science curriculum, incorporate new units into the program and analyze MCAS results. Systems and science mentor Alan Ticotsky will work to coordinate the health and science curriculum. Teacher Margaret Heigl and school nurse Kathy Horan will analyze the results of the youth risk behavior survey and with physical education teacher Lynne Carmel start to create a current curriculum guide relevant to student health isssues

Seventh-grade teachers will spend time coordinating interdisciplinary projects in the seventh-grade curriculum. The sixth-grade team will study ways to foster connections among the subject areas, maximize the use of teacher assistants, review the advisor/advisee program, strengthen the interdisciplinary Olympics unit, and review study skills.

Elementary school projects

The fourth-grade team will review the social studies curriculum, plan major events and field trips, review ecosystems and the endangered species unit, and the Systems Thinking component. Third-grade teachers will examine their reading program. Second-grade teachers will gather to expand and enhance strategies for teaching writing and develop ideas for writing workshops. First-grade teachers will examine the "Everyday Math" curriculum. The kindergarten team will update and enhance reading and writing workshops as well as develop math and science activities to be integrated with the curriculum themes. The preschool team will modify the preschool curriculum.

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