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Friday, June 29, 2001


BOH accepts lab percolation test

For the first time in Carlisle a perc test for a septic system was done by sending a soil sample to a lab for a percolation evaluation. The lab test was performed for a repair system at 81 Evergreen Lane because when the deep holes testing was done in April, under very wet conditions, the holes in the sandy soil were not stable. From the laboratory tests the DEP can calculate an effective percolation rate. Duncan Brown, the engineer for the design of the system, pointed out that the state department of environmental protection (DEP) is beginning to favor this approach because percolation tests vary as people use different methods. The DEP feels that laboratory tests would provide a more standard way for evaluating soil suitability, Brown explained. However, board of health consulting engineer Rob Fredo, pointed out that this procedure was only to be employed for septic system upgrades at this time.

After some questions on the clay barrier reef in the design, the Evergreen Lane design was approved.

A lovely mound

Brown also applauded the landscape design done by the homeowner to enhance the appearance of the mounded septic system. The plan met the board's requirement that there be only grass covering the leaching bed, but it also included some plantings around the fill runoff area which will improve the "Indian mound" appearance. "I think it's a good trend," commented Brown.

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