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Friday, June 22, 2001


Often, it seems we live a charmed life here in Carlisle. The problems of the outside world fade as soon as we enter this tree-shaded, peaceful oasis. Crime, other than the occasional rash of mailbox vandalism, is rare. House fires, even in this area that could be ...more

"Do you know what this is?" "Have you ever seen one of these?" "Quick, look at that amazing red butterfly!" These exclamations were heard on Carlisle's Biodiversity Days walks, as our town participated in a statewide celebration and exploration of diverse natural communities...more

With sixteen talented players, including ten eighth graders, the Carlisle Middle School baseball team dominated the Nashoba Valley League this spring. The team finished 10-0, averaging 17 runs a game, while limiting their opponents to a total of only 8 runs during the season...more

On Sunday morning, Reverend Eugene (Woody) Widrick ascended the stairs to the pulpit at the First Religious Society to deliver his final sermon before retiring at the end of August. Widrick's sermon, "What We Are Given To Do", marked the end of Widrick's 24 years of service to the Unitarian Universalist Church on the Green in Carlisle...more

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