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Friday, June 22, 2001


Assistant principal Terry Farwell is leaving Carlisle and heading west

At the end of every school year, change is a fact of life. At the Carlisle School, students move up grades; eighth graders graduate and anticipate the challenge of high school; teachers take on new assignments; the buildings get repairs. And every year the school says good-bye to some of its staff who will be fondly remembered.

This year, assistant principal Terry Farwell; teachers Karen Condouris, Sally Watts and Donna Heidemann; and SPED teachers David Aronson and Carolyn Wisely have tendered their resignations. Sharon Bortz, eighth-grade math teacher, is expecting her second child and will not be returning in the fall.
Terry Farwell (Photo by Ellen Huber)

The Mosquito spoke with Terry Farwell last week about her two years in Carlisle and her decision to return to southern California. Although Terry grew up in Acton and graduated from the University of Vermont, she completed her graduate work at the University of San Diego and spent six years teaching there before returning to the East Coast four years ago. She spent two years in Littleton as director of special education services before assuming her position as assistant principal for the Carlisle School in 1999.

In talking with Farwell, it is clear that she has mixed emotions about her decision. She is eager to return to California, to friends and a life-style she feels best suits her, but will miss the Carlisle School which she calls "a very special, unique place." In her words, student and parent participation in Carlisle are "exceptional" which contributes to the school's being "just an incredible place to work." When asked about the achievements she is most proud of during her tenure in Carlisle, Farwell was quick to give credit to the team of teachers, parents and community members who worked hard on the kindergarten evaluation task force and the civility task force. Farwell also spoke enthusiastically about being invited into the classrooms to observe and participate in classroom activities.

"I hope to take what I have learned here in Carlisle and use it wherever I go in San Diego to make a real difference," states Farwell.

Superintendent Davida Fox-Melanson reports that she is currently interviewing for a replacement for Farwell and hopes to find someone with the talent, vitality and energy that Farwell brought to the position. As Fox- Melanson states, "Terry brought her essence to Carlisle but left her heart in San Diego. She will be missed."

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