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Friday, June 22, 2001

Mosquito Mail

Stevenson clarifications

To the Editor:

Marilyn Harte's piece about Doug Stevenson and his family in the June 14 issue is wonderful, and much appreciated by all the Stevenson family. Two clarifications should be noted: Doug's father is familiarly known by his middle name Bruce (not Robert), and both Sonia and Bruce were returning from a two-week walking vacation in southern France (not England).

R. Bruce Stevenson
Heald Road

Stone bridge repairs praised

To the Editor:

I was very pleased to read about the renovations and upgrades planned for the "stone bridge" on the Old Morse Trail. That trail system is a wonderful link to Great Brook Farm. As an equestrian, dog walker and trail hiker, I've used that trail innumerable times. In recent years, the bridge has become unstable, dangerous and impassable. It's great to know that this vital trail will be "up and running" soon.

Good job, Carlisle!

Horses' way made easier

To the Editor:

I would like to express my sincere thanks to the conservation commission, the trails committee and the DPW for recognizing the need for repairs on the rock bridge which lies on the trail that parallels Lowell Road. In recent years, the high level of the water surrounding the bridge has caused erosion of the soil, leaving the bridge impassible due to the large spaces that have opened up between the rocks. The current state of the bridge is especially treacherous for horses, whose legs could easily become trapped in the deep crevasses between the rocks. Without the use of the rock bridge, many residents are only able to access Carlisle's natural areas (such as the cranberry bogs and Great Brook Park), by riding/jogging/walking down Lowell Road, which is risky, especially for horses, since the shoulder is quite narrow in places.

Thank you again to all of the groups who, by repairing the bridge, will again make possible the ease of access to Carlisle's most beautiful areas, safely.

Cynthia Ayotte
Resident of Bolton but boarder of horse in Carlisle
Lisa Deupree
Stearns Street

Police appreciation

To the Editor:

I have been wanting to send a letter of praise to the Carlisle Police Department and Chief for their outstanding performance which I have personally observed and experienced for the past eight years, as a resident here in Carlisle. From Chief Galvin on down, the force is so professional, well-trained, and effective in addition to helpful, sensitive, and problem-solving orientated. Every interaction I have had with the force has left me and my family feeling safe, well-protected and well-advised. For this I feel very fortunate and appreciative.

So a simple thanks for a great job. I hope that my modest donation to the Carlisle Police Association shows my support for such a terrific force.

LouAnn Chiotelis
Timothy Lane

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