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Friday, June 22, 2001


The Carlisle Mosquito is now on the web

This year when residents go away on vacation, they can follow the news at home because the Carlisle Mosquito is now available on the Internet. Visit the web site at to read most of the paper and see photos usually in color.

For several months, a dedicated group of volunteers has been developing and testing this site for readers near and far. Paul Hackbarth, Rik Pierce and Tim Pierce provided the technical expertise necessary to make the dream of a Mosquito web page into a reality. Former news editor Mary Hult headed the project, with help from staff members Verna Gilbert and Susan Emmons. After many hours of work (and an adequate dose of fun) the site is ready for public viewing.

THE MATRIX. Tech whizzes, including Paul Hackbarth, Verna Gilbert, Rik Pierce and Tim Pierce (left to right) are happy with the results of the new Mosquito web page.(Photo by Ellen Huber)

Why have a web site?

Why should the Carlisle Mosquito be available on the Internet? There are many reasons:

· To enhance communications, which is the goal of our business. Large cities as well as local towns, like Groton and Harvard, have their papers on the web.

· To provide more convenient access to information when residents are at the office, can't find their hard copy or are away on vacation.

· To allow a computerized search of material in current and past issues of the paper, which will be useful for research, town business, historical perspective, etc. (We plan to continue to add old issues to the archives.)

· To allow a wider circulation of the Mosquito: to distant family members, friends, old neighbors and prospective residents.

· To serve those readers who prefer to read the news online.

Our developers are now anxiously awaiting feedback. Readers who peruse the site should click on the webmaster link and send comments to webmaster Rik Pierce, who will share them with the committee. All ideas will be taken into consideration as development efforts continue to improve and enhance the site. The current week's paper should be online by early Saturday.The server for the Mosquito web site is local and may be offline during thunderstorms.

Enjoy the Carlisle Mosquitoeither when it arrives in your mailbox or is viewed online!

Production help needed

The Mosquito is looking for help with production. If you have a few free hours on Tuesday ­ day or evening ­ or on Wednesday or Thursday and would like to help with typing, formatting or exporting articles for the web, please call the Mosquito at 1-978-369-8313 or e-mail us at

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