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Friday, June 15, 2001


The sun shone, the birds sang, the flowers bloomed, and the breeze blew; nature was kind enough to give us a gorgeous day for graduation. The weeks beforehand made the school and the students anxious, with the constant rain that threatened to force graduation inside, but Saturday turned out beautiful. As the senior class of 2001 gathered outside the lower gym, boys in maroon and girls in white, the excitement in the air was electric. As friends greeted one another with hugs and smiles, phrases like, "I'm so nervous," "I'm so excited," and "I hope no one trips," circled around the group. Upon moving into the gym, the excitement grew even more as the lines were formed, pictures were taken, and everyone prepared for the last event in their high school careers. In the rehearsals during the previous week, everyone had lined up sluggishly and no one was with a partner until the end. On Saturday, however, the lines quickly evened out and everyone moved at a brisk pace; this was it!..more

Think about your friends and neighbors throughout the town and the many ways in which they might be described as outstanding citizens. It is time to send your nominations for this year's Honored Citizen award to the celebrations committee for "those citizens who have given unselfishly of themselves to make our lives richer and our town a place to proudly call home." (See page 14 for details.) Some of the past honorees are described below with excerpts from the awarding speeches...more

If you haven't noticed, for the past few weeks there have been no photographs published in the Mosquito taken by Mosquito photographer Mike Quayle. The reason Laura Quayle gave birth to the Quaile's first child, Michael Griffin Quayle, born Friday morning, May 18. ..more

It was exactly five months ago, come Fathers Day, that the triplets, Catherine, Caroline and Douglas Jr., were born to proud parents Douglas and Mary Beth Stevenson. According to assistant town clerk Irene Blake, this was the second set of triplets to be born in Carlisle. Checking the records that reach as far back as the eighteenth century, Blake found only one other set of triplets listed, the Wheelers who were born in 1819. In honor of Fathers Day, the Mosquito took this opportunity to talk to Doug Stevenson about his new role as a father to three five-month-olds...more

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