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Friday, June 15, 2001


Shorts from the board of health, June 5

· Lot 4 Hutchins Road denied. At the May 8 meeting, the board of health (BOH) had decided to seek legal advice from the town counsel on whether the board had any authority to grant waivers on the septic system for Lot 4 Hutchins road. This system has been built but it was later discovered that the permit had expired in November 2000 (Carlisle Mosquito, May 18). In a letter from town counsel John Hucksom, the board was told that the "permit is not still valid" and that the BOH should not have let the process go as far as it did.

This time, new homeowner Walter Brenan and builder Martin Ward were at the meeting without legal counsel. Ward had changed the design from an 11-room house to a nine-room house by not finishing some rooms in the basement. It was agreed that board of health consulting engineer Rob Fredo will work with Joe Marsh of Stamski and McNary to dig some new deep test holes and modify the design to be compliant with current regulations. Ward understood that he must apply for a new system and go through the design and approval process all over again.

· 23 Wilkins Lane. The homeowner appeared before the board seeking a deed restriction for an addition after discovering that the builder never got a permit for the addition. The homeowner was faced with the choice of making the house compliant by removing the addition or obtaining a deed restriction (which limits house expansion based on the size of the septic system). BOH chairman Steve Opolski explained that in order to obtain a deed restriction the homeowner must:

1. Demonstrate in a conceptual way that the septic system could be expanded to meet the BOH requirements. This might include some test holes and an engineering sketch of how and where the new system might be placed.

2. Have a valid title 5 inspection done on the system, and repeat the inspection for the board of health every three years.

The homeowner agreed with the procedure and was informed that one can remove the restrictions should the septic system get upgraded.

· 852 North Road. BOH rules state that a a septic system which requires pumping more than 4 times a year is considered failing and and must be repaired. In this case, the house is old and has two failing septic systems, one of which is a cesspool. The owner intends to replace both systems, as well as the house.

· 484 Cross Street. The owners brought a conceptual plan showing how they could upgrade their current septic system. Fredo commented that the plan shows a retaining wall which might not be needed and the plan could be simplified to reduce costs. The board concluded that the plan was adequate and a deed restriction was granted pending the Title 5 inspection.

· Raggs Convicted. BOH agent Linda Fantasia said that the clerk in the court house confirmed that Raggs Septic Services, Inc. had been convicted of mail fraud and was in the process of an appeal. Fantasia said that the BOH is still getting notices that they had done some pumping in the town. Opolski suggested sending Raggs a letter saying that the board wishes to remove them from the approved hauling list and offer them a chance to come before the board for a hearing. Fantasia noted that the conviction just affects the hauling license and Raggs is still be able to do Title 5 inspections.

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