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Friday, June 15, 2001

Mosquito Mail

Garden club thanks

To the Editor:

The weather was perfect, the gardens were lovely and the volunteers from the Carlisle Garden Club at last weekend's Country Gardens Tour were gracious and helpful. Several volunteers deserve special credit: Suzanne Hill for designing the brochure, posters and ads; Deborah Cassady for organizing the hostesses; Eunice Knight for selling ads; Dee Graham for organizing the plant sale; Giovanna DiNicola for arranging logistics; Eileen Nardone for handling publicity, and Alice Hardy, Gail Fitzpatrick and Joan Parker for painting signs. The tour, traditionally a biennial event, raised over $3,500, which the garden club will use for its many community-oriented activities.

Thanks are also due to the homeowners who opened their gardens for the tour: Karen and Ferris Taylor, Alison and Mike Saylor, Lesia and Ted Shaw, Jackie and Bob Engelhardt, Joan and Alex Parker, Holly and Louis Salemy, and Janet Sacks and Martin Schafer. Without their creativity and hard work, the tour would not have been possible.

I'd also like to express appreciation to the outgoing garden club board: Sara Alpert, president; Susan Hollingsworth, vice president; Kathy Booth, treasurer; and Lynn Saisa, secretary. Volunteers with fresh ideas and energy, as much as traditions and rules, are what make organizations thrive. With the group effort so successful, the tour ended the year on a high note.

Phyllis Zinicola
Garden Tour chairperson
Sunset Road

Spinning wheel finds a home

To the Editor:

My heart did leap with my good fortune as forecasted in Darragh Murphy's fine piece on the Swap Shed. (June 8, 2001) That "weaving contraption" (yes, a spinning wheel) went home with me. It will join the six or seven others like it here. However it will find good use in traveling to educational programs in which I participate. Many requests of "Can I try?" can now be answered with an enthusiastic "Yes!" After all, it is up and running again with just a bit of elbow grease and $1.20 in parts.

I, too, find the Swap Shed an adventure. But like the spinning wheel, I have found that items obtained there can be used for greater good. A certain broken oboe comes to mind. After a trip to the repair shop, it is now happily played in the Lowell High School Band. As luck would have it, a student there was desperate to play one yet the school's budget would not allow. The sound of that excited student's reaction was well worth the cost of repair.

So for those of you who put your cast-offs up for "adoption," I hope you know that some find just the perfect new home.

Kerri Piette
Patch Meadow Lane

Bravo to trails committee

To the Editor:

Bravo to the trails committee for keeping up with the lovely paths in town that are alternatives to busy roads.

I have wonderful memories of walking my children to school on the Old Morse Road trail. This is a lovely trail that the Minutemen used and has been open for hundreds of years. The trail is lovely and it is such a shame that the entire trail was destroyed by the loss of one critical water crossing.

I look forward to the reopening of this historic trail.

Sally Lakness
Cranberry Hill

Wonderful town

To the Editor:

What a wonderful town we all share. My heartfelt thanks goes to Nina Nielsen and John Baker for their generosity and long-term vision in protecting one of this town's many valuable trails so that we might all be able to appreciate the beauty of Estabrook Woods.

In addition, I was also thrilled to read of the trail committee's recent plans to make the much-needed repairs to the water crossing on Old Morse Road. My husband and I originally came to Carlisle in large part because of this town's unique trail system and abundant conservation lands, and it has been a great loss to us that we have not been able to enjoy our walks and rides along this historic, mid-17th century trail because of its current unsafe water-crossing. For many of us located east of Curve Street, this important trail offers the only alternative to walking or riding bicycles and horses along busy Lowell Road in order to reach the Cranberry Bog and Great Brook. Again, thanks to all of those who work so hard to ensure that Carlisle remains the unique and wonderful town of which we can all be so proud.

Jennifer Corbett
Sunset Road

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