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Friday, June 15, 2001


Concord votes to support high school at same level as Carlisle

The towns of Concord and Carlisle have averted the cumbersome and potentially divisive process of a joint town meeting to agree on the high school budget for fiscal year 2002. On Tuesday Concord voters approved an override for the CCHS operating budget that in effect matches what passed in Carlisle.

Unofficial election results, posted on the Town of Concord website (, report a vote of 52% (3,247) yes to 48% (2,948) no for Concord's question 3b. This gives Concord-Carlisle Regional High School a FY02 budget of $14,569,315, an increase of 9.7% from FY01. This was also the budget level approved in Carlisle (as Question 1b, by 58% of voters) on May 14.

A higher budget level (Question 1a in Carlisle), requested by the Concord-Carlisle Regional School Committee (CCRSC), representing an increase of 10.8% over FY01, was defeated in both towns, in Concord, by 53% of voters; in Carlisle, by 55%.

Athletics, activities survive

According to information released by the CCRSC in April, the funds approved by both towns will continue athletic ($371,950) and co-curricular ($91,889) activities, as well as adult and community education ($52,234). The new budget will add $70,000 for 2 full-time teaching positions, $22,000 in new funds for co-curricular activities, and $14,500 for online courses ("virtual high school") which had been grant-funded.

Technology, development, MCAS tutoring to be cut

According to the same list, the following requested budget items will be dropped:

Software and hardware $55,000

Computer lab supervisor 25,166

Professional development 10,750

Field trips 3,453

Staff developer 2,000

Guidance college visits 2,000

and proposed new services will not be provided:

MCAS remediation (partial) 15,000

Information technology

(library) 10,000


counselor 14,675

Music (0.2 FTE) 7,500

Total assessments will increase by 8.2% in Concord and by 15% in Carlisle as a result of the newly approved budget. (These increases include payments for the region's debt approved in debt exclusion overrides in previous years.)

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