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Friday, June 15, 2001


Hats off to the Carlisle Graduates of CCHS Class of 2001

Diploma to Independence for Class of 2001

The sun shone, the birds sang, the flowers bloomed, and the breeze blew; nature was kind enough to give us a gorgeous day for graduation. The weeks beforehand made the school and the students anxious, with the constant rain that threatened to force graduation inside, but Saturday turned out beautiful. As the senior class of 2001 gathered outside the lower gym, boys in maroon and girls in white, the excitement in the air was electric. As friends greeted one another with hugs and smiles, phrases like, "I'm so nervous," "I'm so excited," and "I hope no one trips," circled around the group. Upon moving into the gym, the excitement grew even more as the lines were formed, pictures were taken, and everyone prepared for the last event in their high school careers. In the rehearsals during the previous week, everyone had lined up sluggishly and no one was with a partner until the end. On Saturday, however, the lines quickly evened out and everyone moved at a brisk pace; this was it!
The Holt family gathers at the top of the ballfield after graduation to honor the youngest member of the family to graduate. (Left to right are Valerie, Josh, Rachel, Ben and William)

When the line reached the football field, cameras flashed, camcorders rolled, and the tunnel of teachers seemed just as loud as the hundreds of friends and families sitting on the bleachers. The two junior marshals, Brian Walsh and Kelly Sullivan, led the class of 2001 to their seats and counted them off into groups of ten. After a wonderful rendition of The "Star Spangled Banner" by the CCHS gold-medal-winning concert band, Principal Elaine DiCicco welcomed everyone to the ceremony. This year's ceremony was extra-special for Miss DiCicco since it is her last one; she is retiring at the end of the year. Miss DiCicco talked about some of the honors that members of the class had received during the year and about the high quality of the class in general. She closed by inviting the senior band members to leave their seats and join their band-mates to play some selections from "West Side Story," and to play for the last time ever with the CCHS concert band.

Following the music, class president Meghan McManama gave a nice speech on the friends she has made within the class and on how far she knows everyone will go in life. Class vice-president, Kyle Macdonald then presented junior class president Brian Walsh with the class gift: art supplies and speakers for the music department. Following the gift presentation, commencement speaker, longtime English teacher Maura Roberts, had many words of wisdom to share with the members of the class, now free to learn, work, succeed, and fail all by themselves. After congratulating the class on their achievements and character, Mrs. Roberts went on to give a few pieces of advice for life: dream big, take risks, and never be boring. Superintendent, Edward Mavragis, added his congratulations and awarded the flag awards for overall excellence and patriotism to Sandra Butler and Barrett Lawson. Principal Elaine DiCicco then regained the podium to give the athletic awards for good scholarship and athleticism to Katie Wayland and Chris Bodnar, and the gold medals for highest GPA to Emily Myers and Carly Saylor.

Finally, it was time for the diplomas. As senior class advisors Gina Andrighetto and Ray Pavlik read the names of the graduates and vice chair of the school committee Betsy Bilodeau handed out the diplomas, tension grew. Those who had already received their diplomas glowed with pride as those who had not yet been called fidgeted with anticipation. The ceremony went smoothly despite the occasional name order mix-ups; Miss DiCicco's previous instructions to wait for your name no matter how long it took really paid off. The ceremony maintained the formal air that had been asked for, with the exception of a few male graduates who could not wait until after the ceremony to show disrespect by breaking the school smoking rules. After the last diploma was handed out and everyone was again sitting down, Principal DiCicco dismissed the Class of 2001 and the caps flew in the air with joyous freedom. Independence at last! The crowd rushed the field and everyone scrambled to find family and friends for hugs, presents and photographs. The chaos spread to the parking lot as part of the crowd enjoyed the reception hosted by the Class of 2002 and sponsored by many local businesses.

So, do I feel any different now that I have a diploma? Of course I do. I feel out of place returning to school for softball. I am no longer a student. The future awaits me and I am in charge of my own fate. It's time to move out and move on. And the Concord-Carlisle High School graduation ceremony was a perfect way to say goodbye to the past and welcome in the future.
Gathered together in the school gym before graduating ceremonies begin are (left to right) Jhett Ezedi, Adam Deyoe, Dan Faucher, Josh Davis, Julian Felch and Jon Ford.

Carlisle seniors given scholarships

Concord-Carlisle Scholarship Fund announced that scholarships were awarded to the following Carlisle students:

Charles K. Yeremian Award: Indrani Sarkar; Farnham Smith Award: Rachel Holt; Elaine DiCicco Award: Carlyn Saylor; Concord-Carlisle Scholarship Fund Award: Timothy Moschini; Chamber of Commerce William R. Stone Scholarship: Kristin Khedarian. Concord-Carlisle Scholarship Fund Awards also went to former CCHS graduates who have completed at least one semester of college: Lauren Modeen, Christopher Moschini, Katrina Przyjemski, Larissa Winey. The Margaret Haggerty Fund Award went to Laura Bilodeau.

One last chance for a photo with retiring Principal Elaine DiCicco. Carlisle students (left to right) are Katie Shean, Kristen Khederian, Charis Yousefian, Ashley Bennett, Ms. DiCicco, Jen Connors, Rachel Holt and Jaclyn Cervo. (photo by Valerie Holt)

Carlisle grads look to the future

Babine, Nicole - Syracuse University
Bagnasci, Nathan - University of Pennsylvania
*Bennett, Ashley ­ Wellesley College
Bodnar, Christopher ­ Williams College
Borella, Christina ­ Wentworth Institute
Bush, Trevor ­ Syracuse University
Catacchio, James ­ Roger Williams University
*Cheng, Marissa ­ MIT
*Connors, Jennifer ­ Gettysburg College
Daly, Michelle ­ Boston College
Davis, Joshua ­ Hampshire College
Deyoe, Adam ­ Hofstra University
Dow, Amy ­ UMASS - Amherst
Faucher, Daniel ­ Franklin Pierce College
*Felch, Julian ­ Bates College
Long-time classmates Nicole Babine and Susan Goehring share a last moment as CCHS students before joining the graduation procession

Ford, Jonathan ­ Undecided
Frailey, Tyler ­ Quinsigamond Community College
*Goehring, Susan ­ Middlebury College
Gray, Christopher ­ Northeastern University
*Holt, Rachel ­ Connecticut College
Irwin, David ­ Middlebury College
Irwin, Jessica ­ University of New Hampshire
Jones, Andrew ­ UMASS - Boston
Kelleher, Andrew ­ Franklin Pierce College
Khederian, Kristin University of Delaware
Kmiec, Drew ­ University of Southern Maine
*Lane, Taylor Allison ­ Claremont-McKenna College
Lee, James ­ Massachusetts Maritime Academy
Liu, Kevin ­ Franklin Pierce College
Markey, Jess Andrew ­ Union College
*McCann, Jennifer ­ Boston University
Mendosa, Brad ­ Gettysburg College
Moschini, Timothy ­ Undecided
*Moseley, Erin ­ College of the Holy Cross
Moulton, Sean ­ Providence College
Owen, Jonathan ­ Alfred University
Oyer, Candice ­ UMASS - Amherst
Pichulo, Paul ­ Middlesex Community College
*Rogers, Katrina ­ Susquehanna University
*Rolando, Elizabeth ­ Muhlenberg College
Sarkar, Indrani ­ Syracuse University
*Saylor, Carlyn ­ MIT
Shean, Katie ­ Boston College
Smith, Lindsay ­ Boston College
Smith, Mark ­ Westfield State College
Smith-Petersen, Robert ­ University of Maine ­ Farmington
*Tung, Christina ­ Johns Hopkins University
Yousefian, Charis ­ Goucher College

* Members of the National Honor Society

Proud mother Mariah Bush greets son Trevor following graduation ceremonies.

Awards presented at graduation

Six CCHS graduating seniors received the following awards at Concord-Carlisle graduation last week.

Sandra Butler and Barrett Lawson received the John F. Donovan Memorial Flag Award which is given to the best all-around young woman and best all-round young man in the graduating class who possess the qualities of dependability, leadership, service and patriotism to an outstanding degree. The award, presented in memory of former Concord High School and Concord-Carlisle High School principal John F. Donovan, consists of the two American flags which have flown over the high school during the academic year. The recipients are selected by the school faculty.
Jessica Irwin is all smiles after CCHS graduation on Saturday.

The Faculty Gold Medals were given to Emily Myers and Carly Saylor* for the highestscholastic averages.

The Athletic Trophies were presented to Katie Wayland and Chris Bodnar*. These are presented to the senior boy and girl who, in the estimation of the coaches and the director of athletics, have shown during their high school careers that they possess to an outstanding degree the qualities of a good athlete. These qualities include cooperation, good sportsmanship, unselfishness, leadership, loyalty and a good athletic record.

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