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Friday, June 8, 2001


Town and CEF money enables school to update technology

At the May 22 school committee meeting, superintendent Davida Fox-Melanson thanked the town and the Carlisle Education Foundation (CEF) for their strong support of the school's technology program. The Carlisle Town Meeting approved article 6, which includes the school's request for $25,000 for technology, and the CEF has indicated that it will give approximately $25,000 to purchase computers and to improve the technology system in the school.

Carlisle's technology plan is now five years old. The Technology Administrator Eileen Riley has compiled a report assessing the technology needs of the school with the help of Technology Integration Specialist David Mayall, a member of CTAG (Carlisle Technology Advisory Group) and Carolyn Luby, the school's technology technician. Together, they have been working to implement the connections to the network, work out the "bugs" of the present systems and prepare a current report of the computer network used in the school library.

The funding from the warrant article and CEF will enable a portion of the school to meet the Massachusetts Department of Education Benchmark 2 level which recommends a five-to-one student-to-computer ratio of the A or B type. Carlisle's current ratio is thirteen-to-one. Category A lists the computer as having 32MB Ram, hard drive minimum of 1Gig, processor minimum of 266 MHz and a CD drive. In category B the computer has 16MB Ram, hard drive minimum of 750 MB, processor minimum of 75 MHz and a CD drive.

According to Riley's report, the school hopes to purchase 20 IMACS 500 MHz with Applecare Bundle Promotion for a price of $22,360. Nine will be allocated to the school library which would then have 12 category A and B machines and will be able to accommodate an entire class. The eleven other IMACs will be distributed to individual classrooms and enable each grade level to have a minimum of one category A computer per classroom. Each classroom would now have e-mail and Internet access. The library would have a "full class setup" for project work and the teachers can begin to experiment with web-page design.

Included in the proposal is the purchase of two printers ($3,600), additional equipment such as surge protectors ($4,000), money for professional development ($2,000) and a $ 4,000 estimate for software.

Jeff Brown, President of CEF, hopes to enlist broader community support so that CTAG and the CEF can work together and present a unified and consistent approach to technology in the school community. CSC member David Dockterman and Burt Rubenstein are co-chairs of CTAG and current members include Mayall, Riley and Sandy Kelly, the school Library/Media specialist.

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