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Friday, June 8, 2001


Shorts from the selectmen, May 29

· Changes to board. Tim Hult was sworn in as selectman, replacing Mike Fitzgerald. John Ballantine was voted in as chair for the coming year, and Vivian Chaput as vice-chair. Hult took on the job of clerk, a role in which he will be responsible for signing things. "I can do that!" he said confidently.

· Tennis courts. Maureen Tarca of the recreation commission presented a preliminary plan for adding two tennis courts on the Banta-Davis Land. Carlisle currently has only two courts and both classes and leagues turn people away. The plan called for the RecCom to finance the construction, estimated at a total of $90,000, out of its revolving account as funds became available, thus avoiding a bond issue which would have to be approved at a Town Meeting. However, this approach would spread out construction over two years or more, raising costs and extending the time before the capacity problem could be solved. Tarca was advised to pursue the bond issue at the Fall Town Meeting, to be paid back out of the revolving account. "The risk the town will say "no" to this seems low," added selectman Hult.

· Site plan rules & regs. The planning board asked for a review of their proposed site plan rules and regulations. These rules would be in effect for non-residential property changes. Currently there is no blueprint for gaining the various approvals for a site plan, and often changes further along in the process are not relayed back to the boards which gave earlier approvals. Chaput called the new rules and regulations document "reasonably straight-forward," and town administrator Madonna McKenzie endorsed the new structure, which lays out what boards must give approvals and calls for the board of selectmen to be informed of any changes to a plan. Selectman Doug Stevenson laughed as he pointed out that "Previously we could blame mistakes on the ConsCom or the planning board..." "...And now we'll be part of the problem," finished Ballantine.

· Carriage Way ready for sale. A price and marketing strategy for the town lot at Carriage Way was discussed. McKenzie had information that similar lots have been selling for $475 to $525,000, while Fitzgerald offered that there are currently 34 unsold lots on the market in Carlisle, and demand may be slowing. Torn between a desire to gain as much as possible and by a fear that demand may languish over the next months, the selectmen settled on a minimum bid of $485,000. The lot will be marketed throughout the summer, and bids will be accepted the day after Labor Day.

· Comstock praised. Dave Comstock was praised for his informative recyling newsletter, which will be issued soon, and for his work on the Household Waste Committee. Comstock is moving out of town. "We're going to miss him," said Chaput.

· School building, June 12. The school building committee will present their plan at the next selectman's meeting June 12. (See agenda above.)

· Town build-out, June 19. A special "joint boards" meeting will be held June 19 at the Town Hall at 7:30 p.m. to focus on long range population and housing projections for Carlisle. Michael Fleming of the Massachusetts Executive Office of Environmental Affairs, representatives of the Metropolitan Area Planning Council will peaks, and members of the Carlisle Land Use Committee will speak.

A volunteer appreciation social, with refreshments will follow, at which Bill and Nancy Koerner, will be honored for their many years of service as town tax collector and treasurer, respectively.

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