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Friday, June 8, 2001


CSA grants awarded to fifth grade and library

Thanks to the continuing financial support by the community, the Carlisle School Association's (CSA) grant allowed the fifth-grade teaching team and school library to expand its research unit on Ancient Civilizations. The students will participate in resource-based research activities learning about prehistoric civilizations of the Tigress and Euphrates Rivers, Mesopotamia and Ancient China, enriching the existing program which included ancient Greece and Egypt.

The CSA is also proud to have been able to purchase ten new AlphSmart Keyboards. The keyboards aid student development by allowing for easier in-depth editing, such as changing sequencing, moving paragraphs and sentences, and dialogue editing (punctuation, capitals, grammar). The skills are much easier to teach and execute when done on computer.

One of the CSA's well-known roles is publishing the invaluable Husky Handbook while another important one is as funding sponsor for our special grants and cultural enrichment programs. The CSA would like to thank all its supporters as it endeavors to support the Carlisle Schools' world-class education system. This summer, the CSA will be seeking support for the Husky Handbook in the form of sponsorships. Please look for our letter or call Valerie Traynor at 1-978-369-3440.

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