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Friday, June 1, 2001

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Relief needed for seniors

To the Editor:

Once again the will of the people was exercised last Tuesday. Unfortunately one segment of the population, the retired and the fixed income, will see their taxes go up again, significantly. Taxes have risen dramatically over the last few years without any relief for the seniors. In talking to the longtime residents of Carlisle, it became clear that many are now considering moving out of town. For example, one resident of 77 works part-time for his son just to pay his taxes.

As the older population moves out of town and more young families move in, our need for school facilities will increase dramatically. There has been much discussion about low-income housing and diversity of the population. Without many seniors in town, there will be less diversity. Perhaps some of the two percent surcharge could be based on the first $250,000 of assessment, in order to keep some older folks in their homes and in the town they love. A community mainly composed of prosperous young families is certainly lacking in character.

Name witheld by request

Class of '42 looking for classmates

To the Editor:

Sixty years ago, Highland School held its last peacetime graduation before we entered World War II. All six surviving members of this class will meet for our first reunion on Wednesday, July 18, at the Sleeper Room at Carlisle Village Court. Joining us will be the class of 1942a group with whom we shared a classroom for four of the eight years we spent at Highland School.

There are three members of the class of '42 we haven't been able to find. They are: Rose Gouvaia, Henry Sickledam and Eileen Rolfe. Any help from oldtimers or amateur detectives would be appreciated. I can be reached at or 1-352 347-8225.

Some of us haven't seen each other for sixty years and we are looking forward to this long overdue reunion.

Paul K. Swanson
Summerfield, Florida

There are broadband choices in Carlisle

To the Editor:

In last weeks' issue of the Carlisle Mosquito discussing broadband Internet options, the writer incorrectly stated that Carlisle residents do not currently have broadband options.

I am a Carlisle resident, and I access the Internet at 250 Kbit/second download speeds through the DirectPC service of Hughes Electronics (go to for details regarding ordering.) I also receive DirecTV service on this same system, This is a satellite service, and you need an existing Internet Service Provider (ISP) to make it work. Essentially, the system provides an upstream connection through your existing ISP, which limits you to about 40 kbits/second from your home to the ISP. But the downstream link comes via satellite and gives you up to 250 kbit/sec speeds. The latency in this entire process is noticeable, but not problematic. I pay $39.95 per month for unlimited access to the DirectPC system (plus $21.95 for unlimited access to my dial-up ISP).

There is another, newer, all-satellite service on the market called Starband (go to www, for details). This service does not require an existing ISP. They promise download speeds of up to 500 kbit/sec and upload speeds in the range of 40 to 60 kbit/sec. Starband also claims this is an "always-on" service (with my DirectpC connection, I need to make sure my dial-out connection to my wired ISP is up and running before I can use the DirectPC downstream connection). I believe the Starband service costs $69.95 per month for unlimited access, You can also purchase a Starband package with the Dish Network for satellite TV for about $100 per month.

For those who really value their Internet access, I would highly recommend installing a Wi-Fi, or 802.11b access point on your home network. With an access card plugged into a notebook computer, you can then work virtually anywhere around your home. When you combine the Wi-Fi network with one of the satellite options described above, you can live in Carlisle and have high-speed mobile access to the Internet today.

For those who wish more information, please email Michael Barach at

Michael Barach
River Road

Lucky ducks

To the Editor:

On May 12, I was taking a stroll with my four young ones across Heald Road. Imagine my dismay as, one by one, my babies fell into a storm drain. Fortunately, Erica Pernice and her father happened by and heard my ducklings peeping down in the drain. Mr. Pernice ran home and called the police. Patrolman Scott Barnes arrived on the scene, lifted the storm drain and rescued my ducklings with a net.

You people are so fortunate to have such a wonderful police department. I will be eternally grateful to Patrolman Scott Barnes, Sgt. Tom Whelan, Erica and Bob Pernice and Morgan Evans, who all helped to reunite my family!

Mrs. Mallard,
as dictated to Susan Evans

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