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Friday, May 25, 2001


Jack Bromley elected to housing authority on three write-in votes

"It was a landslide!" said Jack Bromley in a telephone interview minutes after being sworn in by town clerk Sarah Andreassen as the new member of the Carlisle Housing Authority on Wednesday afternoon. With no candidate listed on the ballot, Bromley received three write-in votes to win the election. Twelve other write-in votes were for twelve different individuals. 882 voters left the box blank.

Asked if he voted for himself, Bromley admitted "I did." Why didn't he campaign? "I'm sort of a low-profile guy in Carlisle. I didn't want to run." Bromley, a graduate of Ithaca College with a degree in economics, has lived in Carlisle for 26 years. He has worked in real estate for 19 years, eleven of them with Hunneman Coldwell Banker in Concord. Prior to that,he reports, he worked with a real estate developer, but never in construction of housing. This is his first position on a town board and he is "very enthusiastic!"

Last weekend, after a chance meeting at the post office with housing authority chair Marty Galligan, Bromley obtained a copy of the Town of Carlisle Affordable Housing Plan 2001. "I read it and I liked it," he said. ""I will try to help move the housing agenda along." Bromley believes that bringing affordable housing to Carlisle is important, "but not because of the comprehensive permit threats." This refers to a punitive mechanism by which a builder could obtain a permit from the state to build a higher density development than permitted under town zoning bylaws.

"But for now," he says, "I will just be carrying the coffee. I'll be learning."

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