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Friday, May 25, 2001


Highest override fails, fire and DPW trucks approved Carlisle joins Community Preservation Act

Approximately one-third of Carlisle's registered voters, 897 out of 3,237, came out in the cool spring rain to cast ballots in the Spring Town Elections on Tuesday, a voter turn-out that was slightly higher than usual.

Carlisle voters followed the recommendations of their selectmen and finance committee in turning down the question 1A override, which would have provided the additional $150,057 over the Proposition 2-1/2 limit to fund the proposed CCHS budget. Ballot question 1B, which approved $108,733 over the levy limit for the high school, passed easily on a vote of 515 to 362. The Concord-Carlisle Regional School Committee (CCRSC) now must await the Concord election on June 12, where three proposition 2-1/2 overrides are on the ballot. (See ballot with election results on page 5).

Ballot questions 2 and 3, requesting the purchase of a sander dump truck for the department of public works and a ladder truck for the fire department were passed.

"I'm not surprised [by the vote]," said selectmen Vivien Chaput. "We must have a balanced approach. This was the year of the fire truck." The ladder truck which will give the fire department the capability to reach tall buildings in town, such as the Town Hall, will cost approximately $760,000.

Unopposed candidates elected

All candidates on the ballot ran unopposed and were elected. With no last-minute write-in campaigns, the result was not surprising. Tim Hult of Audubon Lane was elected to the board of selectmen, replacing Michael Fitzgerald who has stepped down from the board as of election day. Most of the other candidates were incumbents or temporary appointees filling vacant positions on the boards to which they have now been officially elected. The only other non-incumbent is Charles Ferraro of Spencer Brook Lane who was elected to the board of assessors.

With no candidate for housing authority on the ballot, there were sixteen write-in names, three for Jack Bromley of Brook Street, a realtor with Hunneman Senkler Coldwell Banker, and the remainder for 12 different individuals. (See related story below.) Carlisle Town Clerk Sarah Andreassen spoke with Massachusetts Secretary of State William Galvin who advised her to offer the position to Bromley. After a Wednesday morning telephone search, she located Bromley who accepted the position. Had he declined Andreassen would declare a "failure to elect." The housing authority, jointly with the board of selectmen, could then appoint a new member to the authority.

CCHS awaits Concord vote

As the ballots were being counted and verified on Tuesday night, CCRSC chair Cindy Nock and members Suzanne Whitney Smith and Harry Crowther waited at the Town Hall for the results. Although disappointed by the failure of Question 1A, the result was not very surprising in light of the close vote at the Town Meeting last week and the lack of support from for the higher override from the selectmen and FinCom.

Reached by telephone the next day, Nock expressed her disappointment, pointing out that the dollar difference between question 1A and 1B was relatively small. "We will try to get the vote out in Concord," she said. If the highest Concord override passes (corresponding to Carlisle's question 1A), "some members [of the CCRSC] are definitely looking forward to another Town Meeting and election [in Carlisle to ask again for the higher amount]. Some members are not."

Concord has three override questions for support of the high school on their June 12 ballot. Two questions correspond to Carlisle's levels 1A and 1B. The third questions asks for approval of an amount that corresponds to Carlisle's levy limit (an increase within Proposition 2-1/2 limits for Carlisle). If Concord and Carlisle vote different funding for CCHS, the CCRSC has three options:

· adopt a total budget at the lower level approved by either town,

· ask the town approving the lower amount to reconsider the higher level, or

· convene a joint Town Meeting.

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