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Friday, May 25, 2001

Mosquito Mail

Thanks for trip down Memory Lane

To the Editor:

Thank you for the various pieces devoted to Mother's Day in your May 11 issue. Thank you especially for Marilyn Harte's essay about motherhood in the early 1970s. Since I am almost exactly the same age as her sons and also grew up in Carlisle, I could vividly picture the era she describedexcept that my viewpoint was from a child's perspective. Now I'm about the same age that she was then, also with a two-year-old son. It was delightful and enlightening to catch this all-too-brief glimpse of motherhood a generation ago.

Nancy Shohet West
Framingham, MA

Loss of civility at TM

To the Editor:

The next-to-last vote on the second night of Town Meeting was close: 80 to 78. A recount was requested whereupon it was pointed out that all voters needed to be present if there were to be a recount. Almost immediately some people rose and left. No recount took place.

In a democratic society each vote counts. That the opportunity to be sure that each vote was counted could not be assured is not only unfortunate, it was a loss of civility.

Eunice Knight
Bedford Road

Close call for pet

To the Editor:

We would like to bring to the attention of the Carlisle community the potential danger of compost piles by relating an incident that happened to one of our dogs recently, a collie named Kemah.

On Sunday, April 29, Kemah got into our neighbor's compost pile and ate a large amount of organic product. Within ten minutes, Kemah went into an extremely violent seizure. We rushed her to the Acton Animal Emergency Center. They administered Valium and pentobarbital to Kemah to try and stabilize her seizures. They also recorded her body temperature at 107 degrees, which is five to seven degrees above normal for a dog. Kemah's seizures continued over the next 30 hours, and we transferred her to the Carlisle Animal Hospital (CAH) on Monday morning. They also continued the same medication as the emergency center. The seizures were still not under control. At the suggestion of the CAH, we rushed Kemah to Angell Memorial early Monday afternoon. At this point in time, she had had approximately seven seizures.

Kemah received intensive medical care at Angell, and underwent extensive neurological testing. In order to control Kemah's seizures, the doctors put her on a deep IV pentabarb drip to completely knock her unconscious. While under, they were able to pump out her stomach contents, finding mostly grass and leaves. After 72 hours in a critical care ward, her situation stabilized. Kemah was moved to the intermediate care ward for two more days. On May 4, she was discharged. She could not walk, could not see, and had just started to eat and drink on her own with assistance. We are happy to report that Kemah has regained most of her physical abilities and her eyesight, but must be on phenobarbital for the next six months as a seizure preventative.

Compost piles can be an environmentally friendly way to recycle nature's waste products. However, they can kill household pets. We urge all owners of compost piles to ensure that you have a secure fence around your piles at all times. And we urge all pet owners to carefully supervise your pets to ensure that they do not wander into these piles.

Donna and Michael Barach
River Road

Teacher Appreciation Fundraiser a tremendous success

To the Editor:

The Carlisle Education Foundation (CEF) is overwhelmed by the response we have received to our Teacher Appreciation Fundraiser. A very special thanks to all of the families who have responded so far. Clearly, the parents of our children in the Carlisle Schools hold our teachers, aides, nurses and administrators in very high regard. As of May 2l, we have raised over $5,100 for the Carlisle Schools, and have distributed 118 individual appreciation cards recognizing teachers, administrative staff, specialists and support staff.

Our goal for this fundraiser is to ensure that each grade is equipped with a "display unit" which includes a large screen TV with a computer display capability and cart. The schools currently have two; we would like to purchase an additional six units. We are about $1,500 away from our goal.

Originally we set a deadline of May 18 for our fundraiser. In light of the steady response, and the chance to reach a goal that would positively affect every grade, we are extending our deadline into June.

If you wish to send in a donation and can't find our original card, please write down your name, address, whom you would like to honor, and the amount and enclose a check payable to the Carlisle Education Foundation, P.O. Box 734, Carlisle, MA 01741. We will send you an acknowledgment, and send off a card to the person of your choosing recognizing his or her special contributions.

Again, thanks for making this fundraiser such a positive experience for everyone at the Carlisle Schools, and for contributing to very important classroom technology.

Laura Snowdon
Carlisle Education Foundation

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