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Friday, May 18, 2001



Town Meeting Quotable Quotes

compiled by Cecile DeRuin and Marilyn Harte

"He was a Concord townie. He remembers Carlisle when it was a cow town and full of chickens."

Selectman John Ballantine in a tribute to Michael Fitzgerald, who is stepping off the board of selectmen

"Someone told me that when I heard those pages turn [of the Warrant booklet] I'd know you were with me."

Town Moderator Sarah Brophy

"We're an argumentative lot up here."

Finance committee chair
Simon Platt

"I notice we don't have any "Ayes" happening. Is that because you've fallen asleep, or because you've converted completely?"

Moderator Brophy re her
new rule of voting with hands
as well as voicing Ayes

"Can this truck still be used on more modest homes?"

Michael Dundorf to fire department chief Bob Koning's explanation of the need for a 35-foot aerial ladder truck to put out fires and rescue people living in 3 1/2 story, 4,000 square feet homes

"Dams don't heal themselves spontaneously, anymore than houses or cars do."

Jo Rita Jordan of the ConsCom re Greenough dam and pond
(Article 18)

"Twenty percent of town residents are under the limits that would qualify for affordable housing if they didn't already own a house in Carlisle."

Alan Lehotsky
Housing authority committee

"If you'll pardon the wetlands expression, we're watering down Article 23."

Ralph Anderson, stand-in Moderator,
re a revision to text of proposed
Wetland Bylaw

"Without any offense to the tellers, or any suggestion that we may have some hanging chads, I'd like to request a recount."

Response from the floor to
amendment vote on Wetland Bylaw

"I need some water."

Brigitte Senkler, during a pause

in her lengthy response on the

ConsCom's Wetland Bylaw article

"I'm familiar with lawsuits as a member of the planning board. My name has shown up quite a few times, in fact my name is always first on the list."

Michael Abend
Planning board member
re Wetland Bylaw article

"Maybe it's because I work in the financial markets, and hear about fear and greed moving markets everyday, that I hear a lot or fear and greed here tonight."

Michael Abend
Planning board member
re Wetland Bylaw article

"Once we have town water and sewers, there goes our two acre zoning, under the anti-snob zoning laws. And there go the values and esthetics that brought us here in the first place."

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