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Friday, May 18, 2001



Conservation Commission approves two buffer zone plans

The May 10 conservation commission meeting dealt with two Notices of Intent (NOIs) for construction within 100-foot wetland buffer zones.

Acton Street

The first NOI was for a project that is indeed becoming standard for Carlisle ­ the replacement of an existing house with a new one. The buyer of the Acton Street property, Rick Reault, made it clear that he plans to tear down the older dwelling and "build a modern, upscale placein step with the way Carlisle is going these days."

As described by engineer Burt Hamill, the larger house, driveway and turn-around will include 5500 square feet of work within the buffer zone. However, the present garage and "a nice set of beehives" will be spared. No decision has been made about a nearby satellite dish. The construction most proximate to the wetland will be the deck, which leaves a 57-foot buffer. Commissioner Jonathan Beakley pointed out that this would be well within the setback requirements of the board's proposed bylaw limits.

The plans show some woodland destruction, but sufficient forest will remain to stabilize the hillside that slopes from the driveway toward the resource area. This satisfied the board, but commissioner John Lee added one caveat, "If you have a swimming pool or tennis court in mind, it's better to tell us now, before everything else is an accomplished fact."

When the four abutters present were asked if they had any reservations, Phyllis Hughes commented, "we think it's a shame to take down a perfectly fine home with everything functioning well, but that's just our personal feeling." She added that the new neighbors would not need a swimming pool because there's a lovely, private swimming hole at the rear of the property. The commission issued a standard order of conditions with a requirement that the contractors include a drainage swale one foot wide and one foot deep to slow down possible flow onto the forested slope.

East Street

The second NOI, presented by Jody Borghetti of Stamski and McNary, involved an office and a deck for an East street house owned by Alexander McKinney. Although the work will bring the dwelling to within 30 feet of the wetland, it will be built on a slab in an area that is already lawn. A standard order of conditions was issued following a brief discussion.

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