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Friday, May 18, 2001

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Historical commission supports CPA

To the Editor:

On the 22nd of May, the Town will be asked to vote approval of a 2 percent tax increase to fund, in part, its acceptance of the Community Preservation Act. The monies will be supplemented by monies from state fees already being paid.

Ten percent of these funds are designated for historical preservation and the historical commission is hopeful that this act will be accepted. It should be considered that the preservation monies from the state will help defray costs we will most likely incur anyway, for these reasons:

1) We regularly fund conservation acquisitions.

2) We must soon build affordable (subsidized) housing.

3) The Town's historic buildings and landscapes need restoration.

In each case we must spend the money anyway. The state contribution, funded by state fees already being paid by builders and others, will reduce our town expenses. The use of the historical funds is limited to acquisition and restoration of Town-owned properties, both buildings and landscapes. While the details of what is eligible are still being defined, it is clear that we can use these funds for restoration and preservation of our graveyards, the cranberry bog house, and the old schoolhouses. It is quite probable that some of the work needed on the Greenough Land, such as pond and building restoration, can be done from the historic allotment.

It is also probable that the funds can be used to purchase historical restrictions, which control external and internal remodeling at old buildings and landscapes to preserve the historic values of privately owned properties. These are similar in purpose to conservation restrictions.

It is the opinion of the historical commission that accepting and funding this act would ultimately save the town money, as well as preserve our heritage.

James C. Davis, Jr.
Carlisle Historical Commission

Library Friends say thanks for book sale

To the Editor:

The Friends of the Gleason Public Library would like to thank all who participated in the book sale, which was held Saturday. It was a great success, raising more than $1,900.

Many kind volunteers helped make the sale possible. People worked sorting books by category at Coppermine Farm. Others transported books to the Union Hall and set up so that we were ready for all the eager shoppers. The clean-up crew did a super job packing up.

We hope book buyers enjoyed themselves. There was a wide variety of good quality books available at bargain prices. The Friends do appreciate the generosity of Carlisle residents who were kind enough to donate books. We are also very grateful to Judy Pettit who let us use the barn at Coppermine Farm.

Lisa Jensen Fellows
Judy Farm Road
Friends of the Gleason Library

Ed. note: The Friends have set up a book rack at the library, where good quality paperbacks left over from the sale can be purchased until June 29.

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