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Friday, May 18, 2001


Departing CCHS Principal Elaine DiCicco feted

More than 300 current and former colleagues, faculty, staff, school committee members, school superintendents and Concord and Carlisle citizens turned out to honor CCHS principal Elaine DiCicco at a May 10 retirement dinner at the Westford Regency Hotel. DiCicco has served in the Concord and Concord-Carlisle regional school systems for 34 years as a teacher and administrator, the last 23 as high school principal.

Religious Witness for the Earth goes to Washington to protest drilling for oil in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

It is 4:15 a.m., Friday, May 4. The orange moon has set over the city's buildings, the birds are twittering and Carlisle resident Bob Luoma has just gotten out of jail. Bob, Rev. Fred, Rabbi Fred, my husband Ernie and I hold hands in a circle as the two Freds pray in front of the Washington, D.C. jail at 300 Indiana Avenue. It is a prayer of gratitude for the release and safety of the 22 people who had been in custody since 11 a.m. the previous morning. It is also a prayer of hope that the spirit of enthusiasm, camaraderie and action that had existed over the previous three days would continue.

Samantha and Jacob Dweck of Indian Hill, both students at the Carlisle School, were presented with medals from the Continental Math League (CML), a national organization, for achieving perfect scores on the 30 CML problems this year. The CML test give students an opportunity to work on challenging math problems appropriate to their grade level. The tests are given five times a year and each test has six problems. Samantha and Jacob each answered all thirty problems correctly for perfect scores. Samantha, a fourth grader, was presented a medal by her teacher Bill Gale. Jacob, a sixth grader, was presented a medal by his math teacher, Liz Perry. Proud parents and grandparents looked on as the children received the awards



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