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Friday, May 11, 2001

Although no single issue is expected to dominate the Annual Town Meeting, starting next Monday, May 14, citizens will be asked to reach deep into their pockets to fund large school budgets, as well as some big ticket capital purchases, including a big new fire truck and a dumper/sander truck for the town. Rapid town growth has its costs.

Carlisle is a ‘tinderbox’

The glorious spring weather of the last few weeks, with no rain in 19 days, has left the woods a “tinderbox,” according to deputy fire chief David Flannery. He urges townspeople to be aware that fire danger is extremely high, and asks them not to take any “lit material” into the woods, and to be careful about using motorized equipment there as well, since sparks could also start a fire. Residents who smell or see anything suspicious should report it as soon as possible, since fires that burn undetected can be very difficult to manage. No burning permits are allowed at this time.


A Children's Favorite

Norman Bridwell, (left) author of Clifford, The Big Red Dog series was at the school library on Tuesday to autograph books. His daughter, Emily Merz, (center), a major character in his books when she was a child, lives in Carlisle and volunteers at the library. First-grader Owen Guttadauro, (right), waits to have his book signed.

(photo by Rik Pierce)

Recent discussions with the seven members of the Carlisle Financial Committee provided an opportunity to probe the role of the FinCom and to hear concerns the various members share as they look forward to substantial capital spending for new schools and other town needs.

Mothers Day is not a holiday I look forward to. I’m a mother and a godmother, and, obviously, I also have a mother. And two grandmothers, and a godmother, and a stepmother. My sister is a mother. My husband has a mother, and she’s my mother-in-law, so she counts twice. I have three daughters and I imagine someday they’ll be mothers too, which means I’ll be the mother of mothers.


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