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Friday, May 4, 2001


Board of health approves two expansions

14 Concord Street

Kim and Tom Ratcliffe appeared at the April 24 board of health meeting to ask for a blessing on a two-room addition to their small house in the center of town. The addition will increase the room count from six to eight but will still leave the bedroom count at three. This was accomplished by declaring a downstairs bedroom as a study, since it does not have a formal door. The BOH rules on bedrooms say to count the actual bedrooms if the total room count does not exceed eight, so the Ratcliffes will still be able to use their three-bedroom septic system after the addition. Since the proposed addition falls within the bedroom rules, there is no need for a deed restriction.

Board agent Linda Fantasia explained that the tight site plan (12,774 square foot or 0.29 acre lot) required seven waivers for a recent repair. One of the waivers requires an annual test of the well water for bacterial contamination because the well is only 75 feet from the septic system. Should the septic system fail, there is no place on the small lot for a new system. However, the addition does not affect any available area for a new septic system.

124 Aberdeen Drive

Architect David Durrant presented an expansion plan for the house at 124 Aberdeen Drive in the Ice Pond development, whose owner wants to add a fifth bedroom and an office to the existing 11-room home. The rule for larger houses is to count the total rooms, divide by two and round down. Since this home already has a septic system designed for six bedrooms, the board could see no problem with Durrant’s proposed addition.

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