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Friday, May 4, 2001


Carlisle’s Annual Town Meeting will be held the fourteenth and fifteenth of May, at the Carlisle School. We set the town’s budget, consider special purchases and attend to bylaw, personnel and various management issues. If you are new to town, this is the best way to learn how our boards work and what issues are active.

The Gleason Public Library and the conservation commission can finally relax about the acceptability of drainage provisions for the redesigned library site. The commission had received complaints about water from a detention basin from neighbor Kenneth Bedrosian last year and had been monitoring the situation through the winter and the spring thaw.

When Cecile Sandwen looked out of her window about 5 p.m. last Saturday afternoon she saw a lot of smoke and a line of fire coming through the woods toward her Suffolk Lane house. She called to her husband, to call the fire department. When it was all over at 9:16 p.m., 16 firefighters and five pieces of equipment from Carlisle and a mutual-aid tanker from Hanscom Field had responded and 8 to 12 acres of woods had burned.

The Carlisle Conservation Commission (ConsCom) has endorsed the Carlisle Housing Authority (CHA) Plan 2001 for nudging the town toward the state’s long-range goal of a ten percent stock of affordable housing in each Massachusetts municipality.
14 Concord Street

Kim and Tom Ratcliffe appeared at the April 24 board of health meeting to ask for a blessing on a two-room addition to their small house in the center of town. The addition will increase the room count from six to eight but will still leave the bedroom count at three.

Three conservation commissioners and members of their Wetland Bylaw revision committee attended the planning board’s May 1 meeting to invite comments and gather support for a proposed bylaw that expands the ConsCom’s jurisdiction over wetlands, to be presented in a Warrant article at the May 14 Town Meeting


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