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Friday, May 4, 2001

Mosquito Mail

Developer saves potential tear-down

To the Editor:

I have read with humor and chagrin the last few issues of the Mosquito re: developers and the nouveau riche, blah, blah, blah . . .

Please be advised, I am a developer/contractor and a lawyer. (Gosh, I’m lucky to have any friends!) Recently, I had the opportunity to purchase 2.5 acres of pristine, coveted property in Carlisle center. It has on it a 60-something-year-old Cape that reeks character and charm. Oh, but that lot! Throw a four bedroom, two and a half bath, two kids and a dog on the lot and I could charge a million bucks . . . and get it, too. You know it! Instead, I brokered the sale to a young, newlywed couple who wants to restore this gem, have a couple of kids and make this home. My point is, not all developers rape and pillage. Four, that’s right four, other developer/contractors looked at the property and all four said, “This will be a shame to tear this house down.” I’d be happy to provide you contractor-bashers with the names of those developers.

Be happy with what you’ve got and don’t worry about what goes on next door.

Sam Coursey

Westford Street

Residents should get field priority

To the Editor:

Your article on the use of the Banta-Davis fields could not come at a more appropriate time. Last week, I received my child’s in-town soccer schedule for the spring. All eight games are played in Concord (most in West Concord!). What is worse is that half of those games played in Concord are ones in which his all-Carlisle team plays another all-Carlisle team.

Upon further investigation, I was informed that Carlisle children playing Concord-Carlisle Youth Soccer in-town (not travel league) in grades 1-7 never play in Carlisle. However, there are many teams with players from other towns, apparently even towns other than Concord, that are scheduled to play here.

I advocate strongly that Carlisle children (whose parents paid for the fields) and other resident teams should have priority to play in Carlisle over all the outside teams.

Caren Ponty

East Street

CPA would bring people together

To the Editor:

I believe we should vote for the Community Preservation Act (CPA). In my 31 years of living in Carlisle I have yet to go to a Town Meeting when we weren’t faced with a variety of ways to spend our tax dollars. This is the reality of Town Meeting where every year many hard-working people invest a lot of time and energy to present a collection of proposals to better lives here in town.

In Carlisle the CPA would force disparate groups to work together and collectively decide what is best. It forces us to come to terms with the fact that funds and land resources are limited. Therefore we need to work together to preserve the qualities of the town we love but allow for the growth we know must happen. Think of affordable housing advocates working with those invested in the town’s recreational needs, working with those who love Carlisle’s rural nature, the woods and fields, the stonewalls, and the wildlife. This opportunity is mindboggling and visionary.

The two percent surcharge from the Act gives the town a public funding foundation which can be augmented by private resources. The state matching funds are being set aside and will be available. We will always be faced with pressures to spend money but this seems to be a way to assert some control over the process and have some help for a change from the state. Our goal should be to maintain the rural and natural qualities of our community but townspeople must work together to find innovative ways to allow the inevitable growth yet preserve the Carlisle we love.

Lee Milliken

Estabrook Road

Thanks for Trash Party participation

To the Editor:

Thank you to all who attended the 2001 Mosquito Trash Party on the April 7. In spite of the snow that remained on the shady side of many streets and the below normal temperatures of an early spring (?) day, the many volunteers participating either before, on, (or even after) this day, have once again shown what a difference we can make on the local landscape.

It was a pleasure to meet and greet both new residents ready and willing to ‘pick’ as well as the regulars who have been participating year after year. Particularly productive with their clean-up efforts were the Scouting groups, and although the Dow is in the dumpster along with many bags of “imported” and domestic Carlisle trash, there still remains evidence of “disposable income” as one lucky Brownie scooped up a weather-beaten five-dollar bill while performing her civic duty.

Thanks also to Daisy’s Market and Welch Foods, both longtime donors, for providing coffee and juice, and Gary Davis for the use of the DPW signs. And finally, I especially appreciate the efforts of Alan Carpenito, Leslie Thomas, Katharine Endicott and Joanne and David Driscoll for risking their well-being and formerly clean trucks by taking on bag collection duty to wrap up this year’s events.

Bob Orlando

Autumn Lane

Mosquito Trash Party Coordinator

Thank you to the Red Balloon teachers

To the Editor:

Many times during the last few years I have wondered if I really would make it past preschool. My daughter Michelle is eight and I have twin boys, Andrew and Nicholas, that are five. Having just had my final parent conference at the Red Balloon Nursery School and my kindergarten conference for my twin boys, I now realize that the end of this phase is in sight.

For all my worrying that my daughter, new to Carlisle in 1997, would not know anyone in her class, or that my boys may not develop as individuals, I should have known that the loving care and nurturing that my children have received from the teaching staff would lay the foundation for the next challenge on which they embark. I now realize that however unorganized I have felt over the years, the teachers at the Red Balloon have been there for my kids and me. They have reinforced not only the educational skills my children will use time and time again, but also helped me teach the values of being a good friend, understanding those in need and trying to be fair.

Thank you Sally Jackson, director of the Red Balloon, Nancy Powers, teacher in the three-day class, Janet Blanco, lead teacher in the four-day class and Andrea Proctor, long-term substitute in the four-day class (as well as the previous director, Janet Kahane) on a job well done. The lessons you have taught my children will live with them for the rest of their lives.

And most of all, thank you for helping me to this next phase.

Wendy Solomon

Hutchins Road

Thanks for help with toddler injury

To the Editor:

Many thanks to the wonderful moms and kids who helped me at Diment Park on Monday, April 23, when my toddler daughter fell from the play structure. During what was a scary—although, luckily, not serious—accident and its aftermath, everyone on the playground pitched in to make sure that Zoe was okay and that my newborn baby was looked after while we waited for the ambulance to arrive.

Thanks also to the wonderful police officers and EMT’s who cared for Zoe. You really impressed me with your calm, kindness, compassion and professionalism.

Zoe is absolutely fine. She did not have any serious medical problems and was begging to go back to the playground by the very next day.

My husband and I consider ourselves very lucky to live in a community where everyone looks out for one another. We really appreciate the neighborly spirit that we see and experience on a daily basis here. Thank you again.

Lisa Tucker McElroy

River Road

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