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Friday, May 4, 2001


Thoughts on the tragedy in Newton

In the Catholic tradition, when a baby or young child dies, a Mass of resurrection is said in order to celebrate and give thanks that the little one’s soul is in heaven. There is no funeral Mass because, in a spiritual way, there was no death

The young men wear dress shirts with neatly-knotted ties, pressed pants, and their good shoes. Similarly combed and scrubbed, the young women wear dresses or skirts; some have their hair swept up into attractive buns. The young men ask the women for the pleasure of joining them for a dance. The young women politely accept.

Clothes make the man—and the woman— in the Concord Players’ latest production, The Rivals. Set in the 18th century, this play features elaborate period costumes, including ladies’ corsets and billowing sack gowns, and men’s tight-fitting waistcoats, breeches and military uniforms.


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