The Carlisle Mosquito Online

Friday, April 27, 2001


Administrative assessor Rena Swezey resigns

A group of Carlisle friends and colleagues gathered at the Rusty Scupper restaurant in Acton last Friday evening to say a fond farewell to Rena Swezey, who recently resigned from her position as administrative assessor in Carlisle. During her eight years with the Carlisle Board of Assessors, Swezey worked on property valuations and assessment administration. Her last day at the Town Hall was Friday April 13. A resident of Groton, she has taken a new position as assistant assessor for the town of Natick, where she will be working with former Carlisle town administrator Paul Cohen.

“Rena will really be missed. We have lost a very good person,” said town cleck Sarah Andreassen, who praised Swezey’s professionalism and broad competence.

Thinking back on her time in Carlisle, Swezey said she will remember sharing a small room with Andreassen in the library, which made the subsequent move into the new Town Hall “a real highlight.” But most of all she will remember her co-workers, including “Bob Koning, Dave Galvin, Nancy Koerner and Sarah Andreassen — they were the greatest people to work with.” She also had high praise for the current board of assessors. “The present board is the very best,” she said.

Why is she leaving Carlisle? “The salary was the driving factor,” said Swezey in a telephone interview. Having looked at Groton and other comparable towns, she believes that Carlisle salaries are below market, even after the recent salary administration process.

The board of assessors has advertised the position and will be accepting applications until April 30. A number of applications have already been received so the board anticipates “having a choice.”