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Friday, April 20, 2001


Projects in wetland buffer zone

get ConsCom OK

The conservation commission considered four Notices of Intent (NOI’s) to undertake construction at the April 8 meeting. Only one of the applications elicited concern from an abutter. That request was submitted by Autumn Lane resident Peng Mei, who was represented by engineer George Dimakarakis of Stamski and McNary, and involved repair of a sewage disposal system. The new pump chamber will be located outside the buffer zone of the nearby wetland, and only a small section of the trench will traverse the commission’s jurisdictional area.

Abutter Michael Ramnarine suspected there might be a vernal pool in the wetland, but said he was mainly concerned that water from the new system might raise the water level in the wetland, and exacerbate an existing problem. However, upon close examination of the specifications, both commissioners Eric Jensen and John Lee indicated they could see nothing to be gained from locating the facility elsewhere on the lot, and the board issued a standard order of conditions.

The next NOI, also presented by Dimakarakis concerned the re-siting of a footprint for a house at Hart Farm Estates off Curve Street. The discussion occasioned some raised eyebrows when conservation administrator Sylvia Willard reported that the required hay bales, which have been moved somewhat closer to the wetland, presently sit in a pool of standing water. Considering the cumulative effect of more construction in an area with a very high water table, Lee commented, “There’s going to be a lot more water there next year.” Nonetheless, the commission had no grounds for denial and issued a standard order of conditions. A special condition was added, requiring the placement of one-cubic-foot boulders, 20 feet apart, to prevent future extension of the lawn beyond the present haybale line.

Tophet Road residents Robert and Laura France submitted an NOI for addition of a garage bay and kitchen expansion, all within the buffer zone of a wetland that may shelter rare species. The proposed construction will take place in an area that is already landscaped, work that was approved by the Massachusetts Natural Heritage and Endangered Species Program in the past. Since no commissioners saw any significant problems, a standard order was issued contingent on re-approval by the state agency.

A final application requested permission to extend a deck 16 feet out from an existing residence owned by David Scheinberg. Since it would rest on a raised platform, the only disturbance would involve two footings. The applicant received his standard order.