The Carlisle Mosquito Online

Friday, April 20, 2001


by Anne Marie Brako

Simplicity, order, and balance characterize both the work and the artist Kathleen O’Hara. These are unusual traits for abstract painting, which often appears somewhat chaotic, but are features embraced by this modern woman managing family and career demands. In the capable hands of O’Hara, everything appears well under control.

A Mosquito Staffer's Impressions of London

Our daughter and son-in-law moved to London almost a year ago and have been repeatedly urging us to come for a visit. We finally broke down and agreed. On March 20, our plane flew into Gatwick airport which is about twenty-seven miles south of the city. Since we had a lot of luggage, Claire arranged for us to be met at the airport by a cabby.

Psychologist puts expertise to test in raising resilient kids

by Anne Marie Brako

"Could a car suck empathy out of you?" queried author Dr. Robert Brooks of his 300 attendees on Wednesday, April 11 at the Concord-Carlisle high school auditorium. He shared his own experiences raising a difficult child and related how, on his drive home from work each evening, his psychiatric expertise would be left by the wayside.