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Friday, April 13, 2001


Shorts from the Carlisle School Committee

· The Carlisle Castle Playground. The playground will be reopened this spring as soon as the snow melts and the necessary interim repairs can be made.

· WB56 weather show. An informative show was given by weatherman Darren Adams for the second graders on March 22. The second grade also completed its unit on the Iditerod sled dog race in Alaska.

· Olympics projects. The sixth grade students celebrated the completion of their Olympics unit. The students chose regions in the world to hold the athletic contests and demonstrated their great knowledge about the qualities and natural conditions necessary for such a major event.

· Field Day. Field Day for the elementary school will be May 30 with a rain date on June 5. The middle school Field Day will be June1 with a rain date on June 13.

· Facility use. All Carlisle Public School facility use requests for the school calendar year 2001-2002 must be made before May 15. Forward the request in writing to David Flannery, supervisor of buildings and grounds.

· School budget. All Carlisle residents will receive a summary of the proposed Fiscal Year 2002 Carlisle School budget before town meeting. Working with the selectmen and FinCom, the school committee has proposed a level service budget of $7,044,688, a 10.48 percent increase over last year. To fund this budget, the school has reduced its original request by $69,000, and is requesting a transfer from free cash, as well as the passage of a $150,000 override at town meeting. The school will continue to request from families an athletic fee of $130 per student/per sport but the bus, kindergarten and student activity fees have been included in the new budget.

· Arbitration.The Carlisle School administration has received recent notification from the Massachusetts Department of Education that former teacher Susan Green has requested arbitration for her dismissal and sick leave. This action is in additon to her current appeal of the decision of the MCAD (Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination), which has ruled that there was insufficient evidence to support her complaint.

· Water damage. Due to the present high water table and recent rains, the school complex has sustained some damage from roof leaks and flooding through the foundation in Spalding Building.

· School enrollments soar. The 2001-02 projected enrollment at the present time is 845 students. This is 26 students higher than the actual enrollment last year which was 819. Superintendent Davida Fox-Melanson said this projection for next year counts only the known students and will increase. Generally summer move-ins increase the numbers to a greater extent than children moving out and students leaving for private school.

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