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Friday, April 13, 2001


Shorts from the planning board

· Hart Farm Estates. The planning board took up a proposed lot line change that involved Hart Farm lots 8, 9 and the town owned open space. A simple Approval Not Required Plan (ANR) was presented to the planning board on Monday night, April 9. Routinely, the planning board determines whether or not the new lots being proposed have adequate frontage according to Carlisle zoning. ANRs are used when changing lot lines and in creating new lots where a road is not needed. At the encouragement of the board of health, conservation commission and the planning board, the developer is moving lots lines to be able to lower the grade on lot 9 and do away with the massive retaining wall, according to planning board chair Michael Epstein. The board signed the ANR and waived the small filing fee. It will now be up to the board of selectmen to approve this land exchange.

· Zoning public hearing. With no public in attendance, the planning board held a succinct public hearing on the proposed amendments to the Personal Wireless Communication Facilities. In less than five minutes, the board fulfilled its statutory requirements to hold a public hearing on proposed zoning articles for the Annual Town Meeting. The board characterized the changes as minor and pertain to "simple modifications" to a facility.

· High Woods. Planning board administrator George Mansfield brought the board's attention to the High Woods development off of West Street. Mansfield reported that West Street, at the roadway to this approved conservation cluster, continues to experience roadway flooding. This excessive water may potentially be a result of drainage from the new roadway. The board will request that their engineer be sent out to assess the site and determine if there is a design flaw or if it was built according to the plan. Anya Stam, secretary to the board, reminded the board that they no longer have any money in the account to pay for the engineer and that the applicant, Chris Fleming, has been repeatedly contacted to pay past due bills regarding the review of his development. Stam reminded the board that according to their Rules & Regulations, nonpayment of bills could result in a rescinding of approval.

· Site Plan Approval Regulations. The planning board continued discussion of the draft regulations for Site Plan Approval. These regulations will apply to any changes to the approximately 26 existing commercial parcels in town, which represent slightly less than one percent of the assessed values in the town. The board of selectmen, who will be the site plan authority, had asked the planning board to draft the rules and regulations.

The proposed regulations allow the selectmen to increase the setbacks on a commercial property "to minimize the disturbance to residential areas." As a rule, setback is established by the zoning bylaws and applies to the locations of buildings to the legal lot line. The proposed regulations would apply to all structures, even existing ones that predate the zoning act. Board member Dan Holzman questioned whether during site plan approval the selectmen could require an existing structure to be moved in order to comply. Member Reid bantered, "No, the board [of selectmen] would simply deny it." The board decided to leave discussion of this potentially problematic regulation until it receives comment from other boards.

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