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Friday, April 6, 2001


Within the next few weeks, swamps and ponds throughout Carlisle will spring to life with the familiar songs of spring peepers. These amphibians herald spring with their songs. Only the male frogs sing, to attract females which home in on their calls. In fact, the peep of the spring peeper can be heard as far as a mile away! l...more

Coppermine Farm on Concord Street, expected to be the new home of the Carlisle Historical Society, is the topic of the latest installment of the Carlisle Oral History Project...more

Have you ever been to a silent movie? Do you remember when they used to show them on TV? I'm pretty sure that you don't remember them from the original time in our local theaters. Actually, my father-in-law used to play background music on the piano for the silent movies, as did my stepmother and her mother before her. The big city theaters often used organs or full orchestras. Of course that was long before my time and yours...more

Just one question. If I oppose the anti-snob law, Massachusetts G.L. chapter 40B for anyone who's been hiding under a rock with the real estate agents and developers, does that make me pro-snob, or even snobby? This law, written over 30 years ago, was designed to circumvent the town boards that make it difficult for developers to build houses. If "Giant Builders" wants to develop affordable housing units, the state gives them a hand by preventing local conservation commissions and boards of health from putting up stumbling blocks...more

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